Review by Cash-Centered Creep -- Kill Fannie Mae

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Latest Review: Kill Fannie Mae by Frank Latell

Review by Cash-Centered Creep -- Kill Fannie Mae

Post by Cash-Centered Creep » 10 Dec 2018, 18:16

[Following is a volunteer review of "Kill Fannie Mae" by Frank Latell.]
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2 out of 4 stars
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In Kill Fannie Mae, author Frank Latell recounts his experience of having to endure the foreclosure of two loans by the publicly-traded Federal National Mortgage Association, popularly known as Fannie Mae. Latell alleges that:
This true story of a foreclosure judgment of two loans resulted in Fannie Mae “establishing” a heavy (61 percent on one and 63 percent on the other) increase on these loan principles.
Latell is bitter, to put it at its mildest, about the experience he had, and Kill Fannie Mae was originally forwarded to a number of people in authority - including all members of Congress and President-elect Trump and Vice President-elect Pence (as they were at the time). As Pence was also serving as Governor of Indiana when Vice President-elect, presumably he received two copies of this work.

Latell's reasoning for forwarding this book to all members of Congress, to Trump, Pence, the media, and talk radio was the hope that someone in authority would read Kill Fannie Mae and:
...investigate this theft of taxpayer money. As of this date of publication, I’ve had no response from those of authority.
Latell has therefore published it to let the general public know what is happening to their tax money. However, I do not believe that the general public will be more receptive to Latell's message than the persons in authority were, and the reason for that is that Kill Fannie Mae is not a work that conveys credibility.

The writing of Kill Fannie Mae mars the impact of Latell's message, starting with the front cover on which we learn that this is the 'forth' edition of the book, not the 'fourth.' He writes about "those of authority" which should be "persons in positions of authority." Most telling is his misspelling of the term 'principal,' referring to the initial size of a loan, which he spells as 'principle.' One would have thought that Latell would be more familiar with such terms given the story that he relays, and little errors like this serve to undermine his credibility.

Latell does help his case against Fannie Mae by inserting into the book a considerable amount of the legal documentation that he has in his possession. Such documents help to supplement his step-by-step explanation for how his dealings with Fannie Mae progressed, and lend a patina of legitimacy to his David vs. Goliath narrative. However, what legitimacy Latell does convey through his documentation is undermined by his tone.

Latell's tone does not help the credibility of his message. What appears to have happened to him is galling, and no doubt in the same position I too would feel saltier towards Fannie Mae. But the shrill tone and borderline conspiracy-theory explanations for some of the situations conveyed in the book really cause one to doubt the sureness of Latell's case. His paranoid request that a homicide investigation be launched in the event of his death after the book's publication do not help him in this regard.

I can only award Kill Fannie Mae a rating of 2 out of 4 stars. Latell has a decent basis for a story here, and the legal documentation he supplies within help provide structure and a degree of legitimacy to his case. But his typos, his hectoring tone, and his paranoid tendency to suspect conspiracies all combine to dent the reader's faith in his cause. Such a book may be recommended to people seeking to rationalize their own ideological prejudices against 'the system,' but everyone else should not bother with this one.

Kill Fannie Mae
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