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Latest Review: Chasing The Red Queen by Karen Glista

Review by praisecrown8 -- Chasing The Red Queen

Post by praisecrown8 »

[Following is a volunteer review of "Chasing The Red Queen" by Karen Glista.]
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Lisa, after the death of her husband, started off a new life with Carson. Anna (Lisa’s mother) forewarned Lisa of the danger that awaits them if they move to Canada. Donja (Lisa’s daughter) feeling uncomfortable with the move, especially getting along with Makayla (carson’s daughter).The two later get along .Donja celebrates her birthday in one of the hottest club in town called the Observers where they meet with Scarface (the Seventh Miggis), a very powerful spirit. Scarface goes after Donja to feed and mate with her with the hope of becoming a Sirun. He his stopped by Torin and Gage (Makayla’s boyfriend) who are Iridescents (vampire like),descendant of the Seventh Miggis. Antonio, a Sirun, a powerful Iridescent capable of turning mortals to their kind and morphing into invisibility, convinces Torin to take Donja as his consort(wife) to bear him a child, with the hope of becoming a Sirun.

Torin tells Donja how important she is as a Chippewa to the race of Iridescents. Her blood wanted by many(the red queen). Torin and “the Red Queen” relationship grew stronger.
Thereafter, Donja was kidnapped by Jonas, who took her to one of the most rich and powerful Iridescents, Garret. He needs Donja to free his Son (Zaroc) of the Seventh Miggis. Torin meets with Larkspur (Garrets consort), who agrees to help them, if he promises to help free Zaroc of the evil spirit.Torin, Antonio, Gage, Val, Milos (one of the Siruns who has thousands of army) and others, fought with Garret forces.

Donja was exchanged for Anna (Donja’s Grandmother), who has a similar blood type. Antonio, Anna’s former consort, couldn't bear to see Garret take Anna. Another battle occurred and they were able to free Anna and Zaroc,(from the Seventh Miggis). With the help of some wizards called Midewins. A circle of five was formed to take out the Seventh Miggis from Zaroc. The seventh was pulled beneath a churning wave, with the help of the Sixth Spirit summoned by the Midewins .Antonio, Gage and Torin took for themselves as consort Anna, Makayla, Donja respectively.

The story revolves around a young girl named Donja who was barely eighteen. Her blood giving Iridescents the hope of becoming a Sirun. Donja suffers from psychological distress after the death of her father. Her stepsister (Makayla) also suffers the same. Donja had to move, leaving her friends, family and comfort to a danger zone unseen by her. The start of the novel won’t give you any hint, that the novel had anything to do with immortals. I thought it was another (Romeo and Juliet plot). Donja recovering from the loss of her dad and her boyfriend dumping her because she refuses to have sex with him. Simultaneously, keeping the reader informed of the happenings in Canada. Torin and Gage investigating the crime scenes. Although that gives the reader a little hint, because the deaths were unnatural. Also, Torin's way of investigating testifies power not of this world. I mean, it is amazing. I was surprised how a lover story could revolve to a world of immortals who are somewhat terrifying.

The suspense at the end of the novel kept my eyes glued to the pages of this book as many other adventurous plots. Well it was also surprising that they weren't called vampires like some other books, but Iridescents. From my point of view, I think the novel needed a little tragedy, like the deaths of some important characters. I only recorded the death of Val (Torin's friend). It is well written and thought out. I guess this book will appeal mostly to teenagers and vampire fans. I commend Karen Glista for this fantastic story, this should speak well of her other books. It’s a nice story with an interesting plot that keeps your eyes glued to every page. The characters connects in a way that makes the novel enjoyable. I will rate this book 4 out of 4 stars. The book Chasing the Red Queen maintains the right tempo to keep the reader intrigued and wanting to know more. Thumbs up! :) :D :techie-studyinggray:

Chasing The Red Queen
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Post by Helen_Combe »

Sounds like a complex story, I think you may need more review and less summary though.
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Post by Sushan »

It got my attention though, seemingly it is a complex plot. Do not let the most of your review to be the summary of the book
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Post by Vscholz »

This book sounds quite complex, but I agree with the other comments. What makes this book stand out amongst the vast ocean of vampire novels? I'm a bit curious (there are only so many times the same story can be told).
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Post by Espie »

It's good to know that you've found the piece read-worthy. Thank you for your thoughtful review.
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