Review by Hasnaa111 -- The Surgeon's Wife

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Latest Review: The Surgeon's Wife by William H. Coles

Review by Hasnaa111 -- The Surgeon's Wife

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[Following is a volunteer review of "The Surgeon's Wife" by William H. Coles.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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Bored with the romance novel clichés and searching for something new then you are on the right place. The Surgeon's wife, a romance novel written by William H. Coles, will bring you a whole new world, a world that you will never want to leave. To be honest, once I read Coles name on a novel, I read it immediately. He is a talented creative writer. His novels are always with universal messages, for they usually criticize and analyze the human nature. Briefly, these novels will change you, making you view life in a different way.

The story begins with Mike Boudreaux working in the operating room. Mike, a successful professional surgeon, works at one of the most prominent hospitals in New Orleans. Mike discovers that some surgical errors and medical malpractice done by his mentor and senior partner, Clayton Otherson. Being loyal and respectful to Otherson, Mike decides to support him and asks the committee to give him another chance only if he sticks to the rules. However, Otherson's pride and arrogance prevent him from thanking Mike for his help, considering it as a duty. Otherson's excessive pride gradually leads to his downfall, which would be very tragic. Otherson's pride does not only affect his job but also his family. He always sees his wife, Catherine, as an inferior and his daughter, Mellissa, as a bad child. Being unappreciated or even loved by her husband, Catherine begins to wonder if she would ever find her true love. Surprisingly, a new relationship emerges between Mike and Catherine. From now on, fate would play cruel tricks over their lives, turning everything upside down. Would this relationship last? Who knows.

The language of this novel is simple except some scenes at the hospital where some medical terms are used, but it is still understandable. Being a surgeon helps Coles a lot to masterfully write a realistic and interesting medidical scenes. He uses an intricate language which helps the reader to get deeper in the story, feeling as if he/she is one of the characters. What impresses me most is his skill to carefully choose each word that suits a certain situation. Words in Coles' novels do not only deliver a meaning but also an emothion. Each word actually enriches or adds to the imaginary reality created in your mind. For the verbs, he mostly uses action verbs to suit his vivid realistic novel. What I like most is the use of literary devices, which helps the reader to visualize his story and to understand the psychologyical state of each character. All these techniques work together to create this memorable novel.

The story of this novel is told by a third person narrator which gives the writer more flexibility and the reader a more global view of what is happening in the novel. There are no ambiguous characters in the novel, but their fate is the one which is surprising. As A reader, you can feel Mike's good nature and Otherson' hamartia, his pride, from the first page. However, I can not consider Otherson as the evil of the novel, I rather sympathize with him, since I understand the origin of his pride. This what I love about Coles' writings, he always makes you sympathize even with the ill-natured characters. Using these compination of different characters creates an engaging complex plot. Though Coles sticks to the traditional plot sturucture, he creates many plot twists which make his novel a masterpiece. Along with the unhappy dark mood, this novel will last forever.

I give this book 4 out of 4 stars, since it is a hard-to-put novel. It is a romantic novel with a tragic ending and you can also find some elements of suspense. It is the kind of novel that I adore, the one that not only stimulate your emotions but also arouses new ones. As usual, there is no happy ending with William Coles. It is actually a heart-breaking novel. You will also enjoy many plot twists and many surprises that would blow your mind. I promise, Once you read a book by Coles, you will get addicted to his work.

The Surgeon's Wife
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