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Latest Review: Heaven and Earth by Arturo Riojas

Review by Emmanuel Michael -- Heaven and Earth

Post by Emmanuel Michael » 08 Sep 2018, 13:18

[Following is a volunteer review of "Heaven and Earth" by Arturo Riojas.]
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[i/]Heaven and Earth, is not just a novel of Sci-fiction/fantasy, but also a novel that talks of the root cause of some non-infectious diseases ailing the society after the world war II. A book about romance, selfishness and greed, a story of domination and mass exploitation in two different species (races).

They came to earth, to survey its environs as well as its inhabitants to see if it would be habitable for them; they came with the sole purpose to dominate and take over earth as their new home. While Treretum is in chaos by the battle raged by the Muimdac, they must find enough food and space so they would not go extinct. Egroeg, a Drutsab clansman was assigned to head this mission but Nivla, a Kcalb clansman, has his own mission. He intends to restore peace in his family and the other families whose sons were involved in a crash that occurred on earth during one of their mission by bringing their remains (which included his brother, Nomis and the other Treretumians) back to Treretum to be given due honour as Treretumians. He would need all the help he could get.

Nivla encountered some earthlings Olga, Gavilán and Dr. Welch, Sam. Olga is a scientist that discovered there was a planet which is habitable by aliens while Dr. Welch discovered that cadmium poisoning was a serious health issue which is the main cause of many illnesses, pains and sufferings ailing the society. The discoveries made by this two characters was of societal importance and the NASA, DHS, FDA and CDC are determined to do anything possible to stop them from disseminating these information. Nivla chose to meet with Olga and Gavilán because he sensed that they were capable of helping him. Can they trust him? Would they risk their lives to help him in his mission?

Getting straight to the point, the main purpose of which the author wrote this book was not only to entertain the reader but to educate the reader about the major cause of some certain health issues (such as diabetes, arthritis, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and some other non-infectious diseases) as a result of cadmium poisoning/contamination. He explained that Cadmium is a carcinogenic heavy metal and its accumulation in the human body would result in a catastrophe in the near future, he gave various sources from which we take in the poison (such as wheat, rice, from our NPK fertilizers, cigarettes etc) and brought out facts of which Cadmium is carcinogenic and harmful to the human health and livestock as well. The author also gave ways by which one could avoid excessive intake of the poison.

I picked interest in this most from the novel because aside from the entertainment, it is a plus to my knowledge and versatility. I also enjoyed the part where the alien society and human society shared common problems and how they could solve it by sharing ideas together (Nivla, an alien, Olga, Gavilán, Dr. Welch and Sam the humans). I only dislike the part where Egroeg was killed. He was beginning to become different from his clan, who have suppressed the other clans in Treretum. Some of the pictures were either not the right picture or they don't really fit in where they are placed while the others were ok and describe what has been said in that passage.

I rate [i/]Heaven and Earth [b/]3 out of 4 stars. If it were not an official review, I would have rated it as 3.5 but it is worth this rating anyway because it still needs to go through another round of proofreading and editing.
They were errors which I came across while reading the book; I took note of ten although they could be more. For example “…I though that my invitation…” in chapter 6, page 56 line 32, “…becomes so fluid in the…” on page 66 chapter 7 line 20 after time break, “…is able to can escape…” page 66 chapter 7 line 24, “…not be know for many centuries…” chapter 10 page 99 line 15, “...uneducated and uniformed without regards for their plight” on page205 chapter 16 line “I read about that happened in…” on page 152 chapter 13 line 12 after time break and also “…as a strong staging area for the our workdone on earth” on page 225 chapter 16 line 9 after time break. “…lifted his left to knock…” “…each other as she gently and shook her head…” “After a minute of almost compete silence” in page 217 chapter 16 line 1 after time break. Most of the errors were spelling and grammar errors while some others were missing words.

However, it is still an interesting read with seemingly precise chapters, alluring and with informative facts about cadmium. It is also entertaining, romantic – how individuals in a relationship of same tribe/ethnic group could understand one another better, about the society, greed and self-centeredness, manipulation of the society to amass wealth. In this light I would recommend Heaven and Earth to doctors who would see another perspective of root cause of diseases. To students because the book is very educative and book lovers as well.

Heaven and Earth
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