Review by Taekwondoqueen -- World, Incorporated

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Latest Review: World, Incorporated by Tom Gariffo

Review by Taekwondoqueen -- World, Incorporated

Post by Taekwondoqueen » 22 Aug 2018, 18:36

[Following is a volunteer review of "World, Incorporated" by Tom Gariffo.]
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3 out of 4 stars
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The year is 2058 and the world is run by supercorporations that have overthrown the government. One of these five supercorporations is World, Inc. run by CEO Fellrock. This is where Agent Sliver works as a hired asset. He has no feelings nor a conscience and he does each job that Fellrock hands him without question. Until he meets Kelly. She is a farm girl who has been hidden her entire life by her parents from the cruel, changing world. He feels something that he has never before and his past starts to unlock itself. Who is he really? What was his past like? And why does he want revenge?

This is the plot for World, Incorporated by Tom Gariffo. This is the perfect book for somebody who enjoys dystopian, mystery, and thriller genres. One major problem that I have experienced while reading a dystopian book is how the information is shown. Usually, the author will write the book as though the reader already knows what is going on and will drop clues that you have to piece together for a better understanding of the book. This method often causes a lot of confusion and poor writing. However, Tom Gariffo changes all of this by adding in Kelly. She never knew of what happened in the world so Sliver must explain it to her while also explaining it to us, meaning less confusion.

Despite how much I loved this book, it was easy to tell that it was not professionally edited. There was a number of grammatical errors that made sentences confusing and causing me to reread them to make sure I had read them correctly. Not only this, but there was also a problem with the punctuation. There would be areas where commas were needed but weren’t placed. This was upsetting because it quickly became clear that this was not professionally edited.

One very funny and interesting bit that I noticed was “WorldBlend”. They are a major coffee shop that is extremely similar to our Starbucks. However, one thing that I did not enjoy about this novel was that they made it obvious about who the real villain was from the start. It was almost as though they weren’t trying to hide it. When the time came, I completely expected it. I just wish that Gariffo had tried to conceal it a bit better.

All in all, I rate this book 3 out of 4 stars. I didn’t rate it 2 stars because the plot was so unique and I extremely enjoyed the story. I didn’t give this book 4 stars because it did not seem as though it was professionally edited. You really should read this book and I recommend putting this on your bookshelf.

World, Incorporated
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