Review by Anthony Martial Tata -- Pastoring is not what ...

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Review by Anthony Martial Tata -- Pastoring is not what ...

Post by Anthony Martial Tata » 12 Aug 2018, 12:55

[Following is a volunteer review of "Pastoring is not what you think" by Elijah Oladimeji.]
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Someone once said that Today's religion is more of a social than a spiritual service. Many Christians just go to church because It's either Sunday or Saturday, the days assumed by believers to be Sabbath days. It is funny, the believers themselves do not know the exact Sabbath day. The believers can't agree on the simple day of Sabbath! Many churches have been set up in the 21st century. Some real and others con artists. Kudos for the real churches. The con churches deserve to go to hell! They hide in the cover of God's salvation. This is exactly what the author unearths in the novel Our Pastor Has Gone Mad Again. He unearths the theme of religion in the life of the leading character pastor Job. The pastor believes in God that he believes anything even the impossible mission are solvable through divine interventions. Ironically, his prayers works for others and not himself. His problems pile up with each passing day. Even his wife begins to question his faith. Later his faith makes him to speak to himself in public places. Is the pastor surely going mad? What is wrong with pastor Job?

I enjoyed the discussion on the themes of religion and relationship. These are undressed issues in the society. Pastor masks himself with religion to solicit for funds from the congregation. His preaching are centred on tithes and offering. I felt that as a plus. That's what pastors does today. The church is turned into a financial power station. I quote pastor Job, “Can someone surprise God with their offering today.” What does this say of our churches. Even a young lass confronts the pastor and asks him why today's churches preach about money and not salvation. I felt this as an enlightenment both to the clergy and the Christian fraternity. Religion is an issue that must be addressed today if our society is to flourish. It plays a pivotal role in our morality and public order.

Pastor's wife materialistic attitude is annoying. She pressurizes the pastor to buy for her and her Mother brand-new jeeps in the pastor's down moments. Who does that? Which wife does that to her husband? I expected her to be supportive of the pastor in such lowest moment. Rather, she aggravates the problems. Additionally, she and pastor plans on how to spend the tithes even before the church service is conducted. They know persons who pay the highest tithes in the church. This was disgraceful.

The book is properly written. I never encountered any grammatical errors. The few errors therein were simple typing errors that a reader could correct on the first sight. It did not hamper the plot development and flow. I liked the book and would give it a rating of 3 out of 4 stars. Yes, there is maturity in character and that was a plus. Pastor Job is not the same person we see in the book. He is spiritually nourished and real. Moreover, the author has used simple English that is properly commendable. I bet a teenager would read this book and fully understand the contents therein.

I would recommend the book to persons in need of religious inspiration and spiritual growth. This book will surely provide the religious nourishment. I found no group of persons that I can advise refraining from reading the book. Every soul deserves spiritual growth from time to time. The bible says our body is the temple of the holy spirit.

Pastoring is not what you think
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