Review by SomaKenya -- Diary of a Snoopy Cat by R.F. Kristi

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Review by SomaKenya -- Diary of a Snoopy Cat by R.F. Kristi

Post by SomaKenya » 07 Aug 2018, 03:49

[Following is a volunteer review of "Diary of a Snoopy Cat" by R.F. Kristi.]
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3 out of 4 stars
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Who would have thought children's books are super interesting, thrilling and humorous?that is the diary of a snoopy cat in a nut shell.

The book starts with a pictorial of a family tree, to introduce the main characters, which was a very big positive for me especially, it being a children's book, made it easy to jump right in.

The author, R.F Kristi, has brought out the main character, Inca, as strong and dominant throughout the story.The paradigm of the book is a series of detective escapades and just when you think you have got to the story line, another more captivating episode is introduced that captures you more than the previous and so on and so forth.This goes on to the end of the book, where Inca gets into the most difficult task, which was to figure out and intelligently so, who stole boss' owner, Mr Finchley's, will, in which he had promised to leave the house to Ned, boss' owner later and the missing will threatened to leave Ned homeless.The unfolding of the mystery includes the help of of all the other fury friends and two humanoids, very humorous reference to humans by the animals. The famous quote, that we are all geniuses in our own rights is outstandingly demonstrated during this escapade of finding the will because all the animals talents and God given size comes in handy at each stage and played a crucial role in making the case a success.The case is solved in such a straight forward manner that you can't but agree that common sense is not always so common.

The main character outshines the rest and still manages to glue them together and for me he sure won the main character title fair and square, Inca would not have been happy in the end with all the triumphs if there was no one there to share the joy with as well as laud him too.

What I liked most about the book is the humor especially, when Cyril's voice who is the villain in the last mystery, was described as one that went along with, his round face and even rounder body. What I didn't like most was trying to keep up with all the new characters introduced. I rate this book 3 out of 4 stars because it is a wholesome meal for kids and they will get all the fun, thrill and humor they look for from the ever advancing tech world that has got hold of today's child.

The book appeals mostly to all kids and the young at heart, basically all ages will read and crack up, Kristi, though marked it off just right at age eight to even twelve. I would recommend the book to school going children, especially those already writing essays, it would be a very good example on how to be creative and build body and characters in essay writing.

Finally, by personifying the animal characters, the author being an animal rescue activist has managed to awaken humans who read the book to the fact that we and the animals are not different as such just because we don't understand each other, your cat or dog that has jumped over the neighbor's hedge might just be trying to solve a case.

There were very few mistakes, not worth mentioning.


Diary of a Snoopy Cat
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Post by Espie » 08 Aug 2018, 22:26

Thank you for your detailed review. I'd like your quip about "all of us as being geniuses in our own right." It reminds me of schools where multiple intelligence is the focus. These institutions work along the premise that each facet or strength doesn't necessarily diminish another's importance and that having one and not the other yet isn't to be readily frowned upon at all.
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Post by Georgia Lyonhyde » 19 Oct 2018, 18:26

I've also read and reviewed this book and enjoyed your view. We overlap a lot but we've also noted differences. I think you sum the book up well and I agree, it is humorous. My son is younger than the target audience and loved it.
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