Review by IEVALINE -- The Different Kinds Of Monsters

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Latest Review: The Different Kinds Of Monsters by Seth Chambers

Review by IEVALINE -- The Different Kinds Of Monsters

Post by IEVALINE » 01 Aug 2018, 02:10

[Following is a volunteer review of "The Different Kinds Of Monsters" by Seth Chambers.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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I was very lucky to read Seth Chambers "Different kind of monster" because so far it is the best book I have read this summer.

The storyline is simple – there is a family. Father, Tom Armitage, has a bad temper and he often gets into trouble. Because of that, the family – he, his wife and son Dylan, often need to run from the place, where they lived. They are moving from one town to another, mostly lives in hotels and never have a real place to call home. No one knows, when it will come next time to "go to adventure". But despite troubles father puts on his family – wife, and son, he always assumes responsibility for them. He takes every job, he can, to provide for his family, and he is ready to protect them from every monster....

And here comes the twist – because one of the characters in this book is the dinosaur. Allosaurus– carnivore dinosaur, who lived in Jurassic Period. Her bones were excavated and exhibited at the museum, and she was named after Emily Marigata – Dylan’s grandmother, her finder. Little Dylan is fascinated and immediately fell in love with this dinosaur, when he saw it at the museum, where his parents have brought him. He is just a child, and he can't understand, is it a dream, or reality – but the dinosaur was singing to him. During his childhood, Dylan thought that this dinosaur is his protector. And he was not surprised, that bones of the Emily follow his family everywhere where they are going. However, Dylan growths up, and he must face the hard truth – carnivorous dinosaur is not his friend, and now he needs to protect his own family and daughter who as a child also hears Emily singing. There are many questions, he must answer now – was his own father bad-tempered, or was it just an Emily, who messed with their lives? And – is this Emily, who is a monster, or his father, or Dylan himself?

The storyline at the beginning is divided into 3 sections, one of them covers present days, one – Dylan's childhood, and one – Jurassic Period. As the storyline growths, all these periods flow together to present days. I think it was the intriguing way to confuse a reader. The child thinks about dinosaur Emily as a protector, but grown-up man – as a monster, and when the storyline is divided, there exist both opinions at one time, presented by Dylan and his father.

The main character is Dylan. The story is written from his point of view and follows him from the time when he is around 6 years old. I felt that the scenes from his childhood were written with love and kindness. Still, the author has no pity for his character – Dylan faces many hard situations. Is this it a reason he grows the way, he is? Like in real life, there is no direct answer, and the reader must answer it for himself.

Dylan's father is the second most significant character. For me, this character at first wasn't sympathetic. However, during the story, his behavior becomes more and more understandable, and that way – I become more compassionate toward him.

Dylan's mother was like a background character, she was in the story, but her role and personality was very blurry. But, when Dylan's daughter Maddy comes up in a story, it was like fresh air.

And of course – there was a dinosaur – Emily. There was a chapter devoted specifically to her life's description. Certainly, no one can know what creature from the Jurassic period might think or feel, but I think that the author did a great job to view life from Allosaurus perspective. I was fascinated to read these chapters and didn't feel the rush to scan them through and to go back to the main storyline.

In summary, I really liked this book. Simple story was made wonderful by adding this genius idea - dinosaur Emily. The author asks many questions by this story, and didn't answer them – thus he gives the reader the place where to go, and think. And the theme is everlasting – do monsters are inside us or do monsters are chasing as like a fate?

The only thing I didn't like in this book was the closure scene. I think it was too pathetic. Maybe even tortured. Like the author knows, what he wants to do with characters, but don't know how to do it!

I rate this book 4 out of 4 stars. I will not recommend this book for true SCI-Fi fans, but for them, who like psychological thrillers. And for them, who like, when the author makes them think, not only entertains.

The book contains some graphics and sexual violence content.

The Different Kinds Of Monsters
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