Review by Anthony Martial Tata -- Heartaches 2

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Review by Anthony Martial Tata -- Heartaches 2

Post by Anthony Martial Tata » 30 Jul 2018, 09:15

[Following is a volunteer review of "Heartaches 2" by H.M. Irwing.]
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3 out of 4 stars
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The novel Heartaches 2 is a romance story between Rafael and Anna. The novel had its setting in a military base in Australia. Anna, and Pat her best friend and other students are in the military college undergoing military training. Rafael is their trainer. Anna stays with her boyfriend Rafael while the other students resides in the dormitories. Their is a love story accompanied by ups and downs. Their hearts are filled with rage for their pasts and their tormentors. Rafael and Anna are both victims of rape and sexual abuse. Anna had been sexually molested by the Prestons and her step dad. On the other hand, Rafael is molested by his boss while on a military duty in Syria. He is abused by Eric Dayton, his superior at work place. These are the same persons who are hell-bent on pulling their relationship apart. They do not want to see their relationship blossom and this causes both of them nightmares at night. Anna at times screams loud from her sleep and feels helplessly at the imagination of being captured by his tormentors. This is further evidenced by her actions of deciding to sleep under the bed while Rafael is hospitalized after being massacred by Eric Dayton goons. They are in a journey to seek justice against their aggressors which they fully deserve.

I liked the discussion on societal problems. This includes the discussion on gayish and rape. These are things that happen in the society but are rarely unreported. There is this article I was reading and it was to the effect that rape is the most committed felony on the society today but is the least reported. The victims fear being ostracized and thus decides to bottle all their pain in silence. Rape cases are hardly reported and this is the same situation Anna finds herself in. Her rape incident is plotted by the Prestons and his half brother Brian Simmons. He does not pursue the charged against his brother so as not to disturb their relationship. Additionally, discussion on same sex marriage affect the society. Same sex partners are discriminated and vilified in the society. The author has spent a good deal of time discussing these problems and I think his knowledge on these issues would go along way addressing the challenges. I seek to add to the writings of the author by saying that change is inevitable. Societal norms are never constant and have been changing since time immemorial. Secondly, I loved the continuous use of suspense in the book. This always left me with a desire to know what next transpired. For instance, there is suspense created in the wait to the ensuing fight between Rafael and Eric Dayton. This provokes the readers imaginations. Who will win? Is someone going to die? Will that be the end of Eric constant disturbance on his relationship with Anna?

On the contrary, I disliked the numerous sex scenes portrayed in the novel. Rafe and Anna seems to have mastered the art of making love from every angle. They engage in lots of sex and kisses some which are too detailed. I would have preferred that the author uses few sex scene and not all of which are fully detailed. Moreover, the narration of Anna's rape incident fact to fact by Matt was unbecoming. The author took at least three pages describing Anna's rape in the hand of three different men!

I think the book is professionally edited and has no grammatical errors. I only came across some typing errors. For instance on page 21 the author say, ' You know what my biggest regret is? ' rather than do you know what my biggest regret is?. That was question. I would recommend this book to persons who love thrillers and romance. They will be happy with the experiences of Rafe and Anna. On the contrary, this book contains a lot of adult content and will not be a good read for children.

I would give the book a rating of 3 out of 4 stars. I enjoyed its storyline from the moment I started reading the book. Moreover, certain scenes were just comical and made me laugh. I hated the Prestons even but at times couldn't help but laugh at their calculated plans. Yes, there need to be episode three of this book as it was manifestly incomplete. Unfortunately, I had earlier read episode three of this book. I guess I will have to read it again to fully understand the unfolding mystery therein.

Heartaches 2
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Post by Fozia-Bajwa » 16 Sep 2018, 14:49

I have read and written the review of Heartaches 2 by I.M Irwing. Anna Walters-Simmons acts as protagonist character in the story who suffered from cruelty, rapist and remorseless behaviors from her closely linked people. She is passing from a very poor condition full of grief but also trying to come back to its normal position with the desire of vengeance. Raphael Russo Brown, often called Rafe is the boyfriend of Anna and remains with in all of the difficulties suffered by her because all the conditions had also been suffered by him. The erroneous and disturbed mental conditions of both members bring them to a unity and match. Thanks for your great review.

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