Review by Kashosi -- Who Told You That You Were Naked?

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Review by Kashosi -- Who Told You That You Were Naked?

Post by Kashosi » 11 Jul 2018, 03:18

[Following is a volunteer review of "Who Told You That You Were Naked?" by William Combs.]
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3 out of 4 stars
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Who told you, That you Were Naked? addresses an audience of strong believers who have shared the glory and suffering of Jesus Christ. It is not by baby infants but to those who have matured spiritually as Paul talks to the people of Corinth in 1 cor 3:1-5.

The author discusses the words of Jesus, situations of people based on scripture in a deep and effective understanding. It establishes faith with a new perspective of examining what is true belief and that what limit us to achieve God's expectation of us. Sin here is defined as the failure to serve God and others where the knowledge of good and evil is retraced in the Garden of Eden

The book is well written, the author is a product of God's work but also a critical thinker that examined scripture with the examples of the natural world by sharing his personal experiences that strengthen his arguments and cannot be refuted for himself and his audience speak the same language.

The study questions at the end of every chapter are key to understand the message where Williams invites his audience to reason with him as a group of believers to find a common ground in what transpired in the Garden Of Eden and cannot been seen by the human eyes but by those of the Spirit.

The author with his personal experiences in faith calls us to reexamine our ways in everyday life with an awareness that the knowledge of good and evil that was transcends to us by Adam and Eve affect our thinking and decisions so we must think beyond our carnal minds to unlock what is in the Spirit to benefit that what God has put in us.

The teaching on faith is for spiritual growth of every believer to who want to examine the their faith. Families should sit and discuss such in a fellowship to mentor young minds who will grow and explore their believe and their contexts where people need to relate the everyday struggle and activities for Who told you you were naked brings the origin of man fall in the relationship with God. The work and hardship that man has to endure and to accomplish everyday comes from his disobedience of God's command. For sin entered the world through disobedience so God requires us to work, he requires to earn our leaving, there is no easy way out o an escape.

Discussion and meditation should take a big place in family, church and fellowship to examined the origin of sin and to understand why certain things happen and why they tend to bring amenity in human relationships so to know how to address issues in the society. Williams is trying to bring the aspects of the taught that when you think that something is good because you are going to become just like the master it not as disobedience in your head but just as becoming better. Satan took that advantage and the curiosity of the man to bring the distinction of knowledge and disobedience.

The author brings questions to the ones in pursuit of spiritual closure and that is for a group of believers who are in constant search and revelation of the spiritual realm to uncover that what God has install in the spirit and how we can attain it and profit from those gifts for we find having the gifts but not the fruits for service an aberration comes in what we are suppose to feel like how sin is seen by God is not how we perceive it because it has separate us from God in a way that the Lord hates sin not the sin for when it is committed is brings guilt that will make us feel we don't deserve to come or even mention the name of the Lord for it will brings shame that needs to be changed back back to life with peace and confidence. Even when the Lord says my grace is sufficient sin makes us feel that nothing is for free while God has given everything in our spirit for life but because of the knowledge of good and evil we are to strife everyday to attain that where salvation is only to those who believe.

The examples given by the author not only brought how powerful believing is and hat the mind is the core of spiritual manifestation. If you believe you are going to die because you are sick it is going to happen Faith plays as a powerful weapon in believing. Platforms for taught should be put in place to acquire a certain understanding Andrew Wommack In his book Spirit, Soul and Body says that we cannot reach everything and understand everything in the divine realm because how body has not yet been glorified it was just purchased so we will be seeing and benefit partially the mystery of divine nature until the second coming of Christ when we will see him as He is and us leaving our body.

I f i am to compare with Williams taught it like the separation when sin entered our being our body became vulnerable and useless and it only through Faith that it has meaning otherwise it has succumb to the desires of the mind and the world to bring the aspect. Foe the Lord connects in the spirit and not the flesh the spirit is pure and clean for effective communication and fruitfulness.

The book is very enriching i am glad i read it because it open my belief and view on faith i will recommend it for many who want to experience a great spiritual life, it is not easy but not impossible. To God be the Glory in his creation and everlasting and steadfast love.

I rate Who told you, That you were Naked? with 3 out of 4 stars because it opens up a new window to look into as a believer and the author defends his course by challenging the world's laws, thinking that decision making in our society is at the top of everything and separates good from wrong while in the Bible the law only exposes sin.

Who Told You That You Were Naked?
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