Review by Cate Mbevi -- Randy your service

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Cate Mbevi
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Review by Cate Mbevi -- Randy your service

Post by Cate Mbevi » 07 Jun 2018, 15:05

[Following is a volunteer review of "Randy your service" by Shay Carter.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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Randy Love at your Service by Shay Carter is a fiction story set in Britain. In a very entertaining way, Carter narrates the story of a young man by the name Randy Love. He tells of Randy’s childhood, family background, school, work and relationships. In the preface we hear of Randy’s mother and her unexpected death. We also get the background on Randy’s father, John Love, who has such a free personality, Hither the elder sister who is a bright young woman, and James the ambitious elder brother.

Randy who was born unexpectedly, can be said to be both a blessing and a curse to this family. Made of quite a different fabric from his brother and sister, Randy represents someone we all know in our lives. Randy is the kind of a person who manipulates people and situations to his own advantage. He is also careless, committed to nothing and to no one, insensitive, naughty, ridiculous and with some mental incapacity but clever in his own way. You know that kind of a person who empties the entire contents of a fridge in one sitting.

Randy‘s tight-fisted approach, selfish dispositions, poor planning and lack of common sense, carries him from one trouble to another. In one rooming house he had to vacate through the window and in another, he had to grope his way out at 4 in the night to evade responsibilities. His father’s old friend, Michael, volunteers himself occasionally to help Randy make use of at least a fraction of his brain. Randy’s father literally thinks on Randy’s behalf. Hither and James love their younger brother but the less they are in contact with him, the better for their health. Fortunately, Randy’s good looks make women fall head over heel for him but unfortunately, it does not take him a minute to forget their very names after he gets what he wants from them.

Randy Love at your Service is a pure entertainment. It had me in stitches. The part that made me laugh the most is when Randy decides to wake up earlier than usual for him to go and distract Jenner in her Ballet exercises. He is in the lounge before her at five past seven however by ten past seven he is fast asleep in the armchair. Although Jenner has to work around him, she finishes her exercises peacefully and leaves him still sleeping. I enjoyed Carter’s way of vividly describing situations and people. I could easily form images with the elaborations and conversations thus on many occasions I felt like I have met the characters. Talking of the characters, though they were many, I could easily remember each of them because they were introduced at significant contexts and time.

I did not like the use of offensive words and expressions in the story. In the beginning I doubted whether I would tolerate them to the end but, the book’s entertaining nature saw me through. For someone sensitive to obscene words this might not be a good read. There are also a number of sexual scenes in the story. I appreciate that the author gave the index of British terminology and slang. This was quite informative. I would not recommend this book to young people because Randy’s life of debauchery is not to be imitated at all. However, for adults who have put their lives together this book can be a good entertainment showing them the other side of life where unfocused and self-centered individuals get tossed up and down by life.

There are very few mistakes on tenses in this book. Two times ‘ has’ has been used instead of ‘had’ but I rate the book 4 out of 4 stars because it is well edited and above all, it is very entertaining. I keep recalling passages from the book and find myself laughing out aloud.

Randy your service
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Post by Cotwani » 19 Sep 2018, 04:14

He is also careless, committed to nothing and to no one, insensitive, naughty, ridiculous and with some mental incapacity but clever in his own way.
Lol! Having read the book I can understand why you feel Randy has some mental incapacity!! I wonder why the author created such a wanting main character! I must commend you for being able to enjoy the book though.
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