Review by Momiji1987 -- Boom! A Revolting Situation

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Latest Review: Boom! A Revolting Situation by Thomas Richard Harry

Review by Momiji1987 -- Boom! A Revolting Situation

Post by Momiji1987 » 29 May 2018, 16:22

[Following is a volunteer review of "Boom! A Revolting Situation" by Thomas Richard Harry.]
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Boom! A Revolting Situation by Thomas Richard Harry is an examination of our broken political system. Faced with unsatisfactory leadership, Republican and Democrat registered voters have been rapidly declining every election cycle. In fact, more and more Americans now choose to identify as Independents. What is causing this mass exodus from the two prevailing ideologies governing our nation? The American public has seemingly grown dissatisfied with its political choices. Independents, in particular, are fed up with picking from the lesser of two evils. We need more options not less and ideally, real Independent contenders on the ballot to choose from.

I can think of many positive aspects of this book that I enjoyed; I especially liked the author’s creativity and his presentation throughout. He began by telling a story about a young man who goes to Ireland to ignite a violent revolution. I found the moral of the story and thinking about how the ideas contrast with what is going on in America very relatable. There are many forms of revolution, and the story illustrates that point perfectly.

I also enjoyed learning more about politics and how the government currently operates. The author has a vast array of political knowledge that he shares with his audience in a calm, engaging manner. I have read several political books, and one nice thing about this one is it’s relatively easy to follow. He outlines the structure early on in the introduction, making it easier to skip ahead if desired. I make it a hobby to study politics in some form, so I appreciated being able to see the topics in advance of reading. I’m also already fairly aware of how our government operates. This book is excellent for beginners because it’s so easy to navigate and understand. Even so, I managed to learn something new. For instance, there were some historical facts the author shared about the findings of the American Political Science Committee (APSC) that enlightened me a bit more on what led to the development of our current political system.

For people who might be new to studying American politics, this book is an excellent introduction to governmental corruption and how it functions. Like many individuals who will read this book, the author no longer wants to keep voting for the same ineffective, stale ideas every election cycle. The author invites his readers to get more educated on establishment cronyism and learn what we can do to change it. The message is inspiring and unifying and couldn’t come at a better time as a new election season approaches.

Another great thing about this book is the author is truly an Independent. He doesn’t appear to favor one ideology over the other; rather, he explains why congress is always so deadlocked and why citizens feel frustrated when little gets done. He represents the voice of the American public well regardless of political preferences. Because of his impartiality, I feel like this book could appeal to the vast majority of voters. The book is less about whether conservative or liberal policies are better and more about getting fresh ideas we can all feel excited to vote for, on the ballot. The editing is also very professional. I didn’t see any errors. I rate this book 4 out of 4 stars.

If you’re new to books on politics, you won’t find a more impartial voice right now to deliver the goods on our corrupt Congress. People with more political knowledge may find some of the content repetitive or familiar based on similar books, but there are still plenty of fresh insights even for those with more experience with this genre.

Boom! A Revolting Situation
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Post by gen_g » 31 May 2018, 02:31

Thank you for the detailed review! It seems like an interesting read.

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