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Latest Review: Heaven and Earth by Arturo Riojas

Review by butterflyinaweb -- Heaven and Earth

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[Following is a volunteer review of "Heaven and Earth" by Arturo Riojas.]
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3 out of 4 stars
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The book starts out on an alien mission to return back to Earth to track the progress of the inhabitants. It tells of the ancient alien mission to Earth thousands of years prior to spread their seed in an attempt to alter the life spans and progress of Earth's inhabitants.

Egroeg was sent on this assignment to canvas progress made by Earth's inhabitants mostly to keep him out of harm's way while meeting his civil service duty being the son of a powerful Lord of the ruling Deutsab clan and head officer of total security and high intelligence of Treretum. Egroeg resented the fact that he had to spend any time from his prime years with the unenlightened on a trek he felt would likely prove fruitless due to the contaminated surroundings of the survey subjects. He felt the heavy metal contaminants must be limiting the inhabitants mental capacity. He had been designated as one of the future leaders of Treretum and he was anxiously awaiting this chance. Sucram Suturb was on this mission with Egroeg. Suturb was of the Kcalb clan. Those like the smooth skinned Egroeg felt the Kcalb clan were better suited to labor due to their size and scaly skin.

Atlanta, Houston and Area 51 were among the places they were to collect data and canvas starting out.

Gavilan worked in the department of Earth Sciences. It was the perfect platform for him to learn about his Mother Earth and ways to help her heal. He had heard of the alien visits from his Grand father's stories growing up. He wore a relic from their visit for protection that his Grand father had given him.

Olga was an aeronautical engineer whose more than idle curiosity about some very unusual data and findings puts her in some rather sticky life or death situations with her friend Gavilán.

When Olga talks to Gavilan about wishing she could get a closer view of some of her findings he arranges for the two to make an under the radar visit to Roswell. Their exploration of the area was cut short once they were detected. Upon leaving there they meet a thousand-year-old alien from Treretum by the name of Nivla who slips through a dimentional wrinkle into the back seat of the car. Nivla asks them to aid him on his own personal mission and reasons for wanting to return to Earth due to the fact that what he seeks is not on the agenda for this particular mission back to Earth but one of honour.

In their interactions with Nivla they learn many disturbing details about their own government and as the plot thickens as it becomes more and more evident that they will most definately need protection in their quest to right the wrongs they learn. Meanwhile back on Treretum they are dealing with a situation just as dire as the one we face on Earth.

The author of this book wants to educate the readers of this book on cadmium poisoning and indeed he has given a very detailed account of all aspects of cadmium poisoning at the end of each chapter.

I rate this book 3 out of 4 stars

Arturo Riojas has rather brilliantly used the storyline within this book to further demonstrate the causes and effects of cadmium poisoning as well as how to avoid being further poisoned. He even gives tips on how to dispel some of the cadmium from the system after it's been poisoned. I am actually quite grateful for having been given the opportunity to read it. I had no idea that there was even such a thing as cadmium poisoning much less how it is hugely responsible for a wide variety of health problems that plaque American citizens.

I really loved how the author combines scientific fact and science fiction to portray this compelling tale in which to educate the reader on cadmium poisoning.

I feel this is a very important book. I may never have learned about cadmium poisoning or how it effects the majority of Americans including alot of my own family members if I had not have read it. I feel that it should be acted upon A.S.A.P. and that changes need to be made within the American culture to end cadmium poisoning in the masses.

While I will admit upon first starting this book I was totally lost because it seemed to jump around quite a bit however I am very glad I decided to stick with it because by chapter 6 I was totally engrossed in learning about cadmium and in quest the characters themselves were on. I even found myself researching cadmium poisoning myself to find out if it is real. I found it is very much so real.

So when Suturb was reporting to Egroeg aabout how Earth's inhabitants even create holidays to mold this poison into rabbit earred treats to poison their own children the reality of that was really sinking in. We indeed do poison our children and our families on a daily basis without even realizing it.

Heaven and Earth
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