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Review by Jamasenu -- Roadmap to the End of Days

Post by Jamasenu »

[Following is a volunteer review of "Roadmap to the End of Days" by Daniel Friedmann.]
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3 out of 4 stars
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The End of Days by Daniel Friedman by Jamasenu

In the Holy Bible, The Book of Revelations describes what will happen before Jesus returns to earth. It speaks of wars, famine, siblings against siblings, children against parents and more. If you’re listening, many pastors and other religious leaders, are telling you that the end of days are near and we need to get our life in order and return to Christ. Daniel Friedman does the complete opposite. He takes the information from the Holy Bible and other religious books and breaks it down as simply as possible, explaining what has occurred and what needs to occur in order for God’s Divine Plan (GDP) to come to fruition.

How do we know what God is saying to you or to me? In the Book of Genesis 11:4-9, the people spoke the same language and decided to build a tower towards Heaven and God came down, confused them, scattered them all over the world, and gave them different languages to speak. Along with these differences, these people all had one thing in common and that was God. Throughout the years, the trials and tribulations, we have come into having multiple religions that believe in God but have different interpretations of how religion should be. The author takes these religions, and their interpretations of what's to come and breaks it into three stages of Biblical Chronology. He describes the different religions and their perception of what's to come. He also discusses the believers and non-believers concerning their roles in GDP. The book is divided; half of the book is the author’s opinion referring to the end of days and the other half is made up of the glossary, appendices and endnotes. The chapters are well constructed and the contents page provides in-depth information that will be discussed in each chapter. The author took the time explaining free will. His explanations for everything in this book was suffice but I had issues with trying to understand after the first couple of chapters.

What I like: The footnotes, appendix, glossary, and tables throughout the book provided insight as to the author’s statements and showed the relation to each era or subject discussed. The author breaks each chapter down, describing the organizational manner of the book, to show the connecting timeline and what must happen before each step is achieved. I agree with his statement for the reason that we can’t reach our Divine destination. He states because of humanity and Amalek “(Purpose is to maintain the separation between the Divine & this world. Today's Amalek is unknown today due to racial mixing but it's anyone who sows doubt & prevents us from achieving the Divine goal).”

What I dislike: This book had me confused. I’m constantly flipping between the story and the glossary or appendices to understand what the author is expressing. Some of the explanations, such as “His soul goes to the World of the Souls and the body is buried in the ground.” The footnote that refers to this statement is Ecclesiastes 12:7; the spirit is returned to God. I would have preferred if the author referred to the souls as it is written in the Holy Bible. My second issue was the mission of human beings. The author informs us that our mission, according to GDP, is to repair all souls and returning them to the level of unity from which they all originated, but on a higher level. I don’t believe that we have the same plan. God made each one of us unique and different for his reasons. Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream but his mission was something completely different. God’s plan for him was the mission he accomplished before God took him from this world. I can give other examples of people and their missions; Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, and Maya Angelou are prime examples of different missions accomplished by different people. I do believe in GDP but I do believe it’s not the same for everyone. My final issue is from the final chapter of the book. The author stated that everything happens to us is caused GDP and I totally disagree. Everything that happens is not caused by God only. Satan plays a major role on earth and does his best to destroy GDP and play on the weaknesses of humans.

I rate this book 3 out of 4 stars. There are so many people talking about religious beliefs, the end of days, how to go about getting closer to God. The answer for you may not be the answer for me. This book speaks eloquently about God's Divine Plan and uses the Holy Bible and many other references to assist in providing the reader with substantive data. Are we crossing the line to determine when Christ will return? Should it be a mystery? As Mr. Friedman stated in his book that the Divine Plan will happen but we can do things to speed up the process. This book left me with more questions than answers. I found 1 grammatical error and that was the misspelling of millennium in Figure 1.1.

Roadmap to the End of Days
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Post by teacherjh »

You did a very thorough review. I'm not a fan of end times analysis, so this isn't for me, but I commend you for tackling it.

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