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Latest Review: Raven's Peak by Lincoln Cole

Review by BDTheresa -- Raven's Peak by Lincoln Cole

Post by BDTheresa » 07 May 2018, 15:11

[Following is a volunteer review of "Raven's Peak" by Lincoln Cole.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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Raven's Peak by Lincoln Cole is a fast-paced paranormal action C/T/M/H genre of about 300 pages. It's an intriguing story of violence, demons, possessions, agony, fear, terror, cults and murders.

The story revolves around one motivating and two main characters:
The Reverend, a broken, pathetic, and alone man, full of rage and anger. Arthur is a hunter who inspires fear in the heart of people around him. He believes he is a monster who has to pay for his mistakes daily as a cleansing ritual. Abigail, a young woman trained by the Reverend Arthur. He raised her from childhood after saving her from a cult - the Ninth circle - many years ago. She was his only family and a reason to go on with his life after losing his own child. She was his salvation to his wavering faith. Haatim, a grieving bright emotional young blogger of Hidden lens who recently lost his 16 years old sister to cancer of the stomach. Due to this incident, he began questioning his faith seeing it as irrelevant.

Haatim is an emotionally battered young theologist who meet George Wertman at Ocotillo Library in Phoenix, Arizona, one afternoon. George Wertman claimed to be in danger and needed Haatim help. All he needed was for Haatim to take incriminating pictures of his stalker - Abigail -, since he doesn't have enough money to hire a detective and he needs evidence so the police can believe him. Haatim needed money and George Wertman needed evidence, it was a win - win situation. Haatim accepted the offer believing that George Wertman was paranoid. And besides he needed the distraction that comes with it to get over his grief. He also plans on using it for his blog since he decided to change it from a religious blog to a crime blog, little did he know what he was really getting himself into and how it would change his life for the better or worse.

The prologue was like a welcoming party for the readers. The Reverend - Arthur, is truly an inspiring and motivating character although anger and pain thrived. A hunter who whips himself every morning in a secret hellhole cold prison deep within the earth. He whips himself as a cleansing ritual embracing pain as a sanctuary taking away his free will, choices and ability to make mistakes. He is truly a brave man, facing a dangerous demon who has taken over Abigail's body, his only family. The way he stood up to the demon, casting away his fear and battled the demon was really inspiring. I know demon don't make deals with just anybody, only humans they see as a threat or needs. Such deals are always tempting. It's not easy to resist or reject such cunning deals but the Reverend did. He been fast, dodging blows and moving quickly, even when the demon used its telekinesis ability and Abigail's body as a weapon, the Reverend still came through. Do you know what it means for a demon to respect or fear someone. Arthur outsmarted the demon by claiming the girls the demon had kidnapped for his disposal and this shows he is a smart man indeed. Since demons need a host to survive on earth, it had no choice but to accept the Reverend deal by possessing his body to acquire time to find another body and release Abigail, only to been fooled again. After the demon took over his body, he sealed the demon inside of him. Knowing the demon would take him along, he said his final goodbye to Abigail whose is unconscious then plunged a dagger to his heart. That was a glorious but devastating victory.

The way Haatim faced the demon Belphegor was super amazing. His boldness was inspiring. Demons, use words to get to people. Its their usual tactic knowing how powerful the tongue is to hurt. Only a few can stand up to them and standing up to them makes them angry because they believe they are superior. Haatim faced Belphegor as it used its telekinesis ability to throw heavy and dangerous things at him and yet he didn't flinch. He kept on walking towards the demon, singing and chanting in Latin and Hebrew. As an aspiring demonologist, exorcist and theologist, I was inspired.

I rate this book 4 out of 4 stars. There was no spelling nor grammatical errors. It was perfect. The concept is amazing. From the time I started reading this book which was at night, I couldn't drop it down. Reading from page to page I was so into the book. It was hard to stop and when I was on break, I keep on thinking about it nonstop. Truly amazing. Well written. This book will appeal the most to people like me who enjoys stories about the supernatural, battles between good and evil, et cetera and least to those with a weak heart, those who get scared easily. Once again, it was amazing, inspiring and motivating.

Raven's Peak
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