Review by rfelice -- Raven's Peak by Lincoln Cole

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Latest Review: Raven's Peak by Lincoln Cole

Review by rfelice -- Raven's Peak by Lincoln Cole

Post by rfelice » 18 Mar 2018, 08:00

[Following is a volunteer review of "Raven's Peak" by Lincoln Cole.]
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1 out of 4 stars
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Raven’s Peak by Lincoln Cole is the tale of Abigail Dressler, a member of Ordo Daemonium Venator, the Order of the Demon Hunter. Abigail is on a quest to find and rescue The Reverend – Arthur, her “adoptive” father from the clutches of the demon who had once possessed her own body. Following the trail to him, she encounters the hapless Haatim Arison, theology major and aspiring blogger. Their paths cross and ultimately converge as they set out across country, not only in search of Arthur, but also to uncover the mystery of what has gone awry in the town of Raven’s Peak.

I have given this book 1 out of 4 stars. The reason it garnered so low a rating was due to several factors, not the least of which were the frequent grammatical errors. There are many occurrences of pronoun antecedent agreement in this piece. I can only surmise that even the most rudimentary editing was passed over. When this is coupled with instances of word misuse, sentence structure errors, self-contradicting passages, conjunction overuse, incorrect word capitalization, as well as errors in verb tense agreement it makes this book a very challenging read. Further, one of the keys to putting us in the place with our characters is imagery. In the case of Raven’s Peak imagery was inconsistent and lacking where it was needed the most.

The issues do not stop there however, there were occasions when the author made statements that were completely illogical. For example, in one passage the author writes
“The entire city could have fit into one district of Phoenix, less than a half mile in diameter.
It couldn’t have had a larger population than a few thousand people, Haatim realized.”
Had the author considered this just for a moment, he would have realized that a “few thousand people” in an area spanning “less than half a mile in diameter” results in a population density of at least 15,000 people per square mile. This is huge! To put it into perspective, the population density of Pittsburgh, PA is 5,540 people per square mile ( Source: worldpopulationreview, us-cities, pittsburgh-population)

Finally, I would point out that the author’s use of the Interlude leant nothing to the book. The contents of the interlude, would best have been included as a new chapter. Examples of effective usage of interludes can be found in The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss. In Rothfuss' case he uses the interludes to create a clear dichotomy between the telling of the tale of the main character, Kvothe, and the “present day” interactions between the storyteller and the Chronicler.

The book was not entirely without merit. The prologue was very well written, with little to no issues. It really grabbed me and had me quickly turning pages. Had the remainder of the book been written as well and as engaging a this, I would have rated it much higher. Unfortunately, what follows the grand opening is not worth your investment in time, dear reader.

Raven's Peak
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Post by inaramid » 19 Mar 2018, 06:54

I agree with many of your points here. I, too, have reviewed this book and rated it 1 out of 4 stars because the writing, the main characters, and the plot just didn't do anything for me. (Although I believe we're in the minority, as many readers seem to like this.) I appreciate how you pointed out the lack of logic in the population density of...was that the town of Raven's Peak? I don't even remember now. Like you, I did like the prologue and would have wanted to see more of the Reverend and Frieda more than the MCs.

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Post by KLafser » 19 Mar 2018, 13:38

Thank you so much for this review - I haven't read it but might have especially given that you thought the prologue made it attractive to you. I appreciate your observations and, like you, would have been thrown off by illogical analogies.

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Post by jennifermacneill1 » 27 Mar 2018, 11:36

I had just selected this book for our book club. One of the members pointed me to this review. I know that one of my biggest pet peeves with writing it the grammar, it can make or break a book. I will have to seriously rethink my book selection.

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