Review by Tobbs -- Health Tips, Myths, and Tricks

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Latest Review: Health Tips, Myths, and Tricks by Morton E Tavel, MD

Review by Tobbs -- Health Tips, Myths, and Tricks

Post by Tobbs » 17 Mar 2018, 18:17

[Following is a volunteer review of "Health Tips, Myths, and Tricks" by Morton E Tavel, MD.]
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3 out of 4 stars
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Reading Health Tips, Myths, and Tricks by Morton E. Tavel , turned out to be much more interesting than I thought it would be when I first chose it for review. I expected a generic type health book that tries to tell me tons of things I already knew, but right now, after haven gone through the book, I can truly say that my expectation never occurred and that in reading the book I have come across numerous new and authentic informations, tips that I formerly didn't know about regarding health and wellbeing issues.I am glad to say that my hope was very much realized in this very informative and thoroughly researched book called Health Tips, Myths and Tricks.

In Health Tips, Myths, and Tricks, Morton E. Tavel presents health and wellness tips that can be incorporated into one's daily life for optimal health experiences, and avoidancestors of various life threatening illness and diseases.
He also used the medium of the book to debunk various long standing myths, false notions and beliefs most people have believed regarding health, dieting and other health related issues.

The book consists of three sections:
The first section has to do with general heath tips and practices that should be adhered to in other to achieve healthy living, avoid diseases, reduce waste of money,time and valuable resource, reduce excessive weight, and so many others health related issues.

The second section deals with myths and misconceptions that are common out there as regards health conditions and it's influences, food and general physical wellbeing.

The third section deals with exposing various tricks, schemes and strategies that are being employed by some medical personnels and sales people with the sole aim of taking money from people in exchange for useless, and sometimes dangerous medical products and counsels.

The book is super packed with vital informations that needs to be known by everyone as regards the human body and it's wellbeing.
The author articulated his position on the topic in a very detailed manner for better understanding.
For example, on obesity, and reduction of excessive fat, the author analyses the four well known methods by which people try to shed weight, and also most importantly, the best ways to accomplish this, and with good research to back up his claims.

The book also talks about the types of food people eat, and how important it is to make sure the body is well nourished through the adaptation of good eating habits. The author also have something to say on cofee intake. Truly enough, a large number of American adults drink coffee, and hence prompts the need to take a closer look on the effects of consuming the beverage. Not only cofee, some of the beverages and consumables analysed by the book includes; green tea, black tea, chocolate, cranberries and turkeys, ice cream and biscuits, canned soup, chicken pot pie, and so many others.

While some foods can pose a real threat and danger to the human health system when consumed, some others are much better that most people known, and in this book - Health Tips, Myths, and Tricks, the author lists out various highly nutritional foods ( surprisingly, they're common foods that are easily accessible to people), and also made mention of some food people need to avoid totally, if they wish to live with optimal and sound health, and also avoid over weight.

Health is wealth. Living with an optimal state of health should be a top priority for all people. The informations contained in this book are priceless, and promises to be of real value to those who read, and practice it's recommendations.

I rate this book 3 out of 4 stars, for the contextual value of the book, and the author's indepth research, analysis and a deep understanding of what he teaches. I strongly recommend this book to every human being upon this earth, who are opportuned to come across it.

Health Tips, Myths, and Tricks
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