Review by Kutoyi Clare -- Heartaches by H.M. Irwing

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Kutoyi Clare
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Latest Review: Heartaches by H.M. Irwing

Review by Kutoyi Clare -- Heartaches by H.M. Irwing

Post by Kutoyi Clare » 14 Mar 2018, 09:12

[Following is a volunteer review of "Heartaches" by H.M. Irwing.]
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3 out of 4 stars
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Heartaches , a steamy romantic book is written by H.M IRWING, a passionate author who expresses her observations and life experiences in colorful tales of love, passion and the pain of life.

It is a story of two souls, Anna and Rafe, who are sexually assaulted by the people they least thought would even lay a finger on them. They are trying to seek justice and put new meaning in their life when they end up falling head over heels in love with each other. The future isn't promising for the two lovebirds but together they refuse to drown into their past and painful experiences which turned their lives into a turmoil.

Love, justice, work, education -these are some of the themes highlighted in the story but the theme of betrayal completes it up as the main characters are betrayed by the people they trusted and whom were so close to them. The book addresses sexual abuse in various fields of the society today and carefully reveals the victims and their pursuers. The author also provides the way through which such problems can be handled in the society and the challenges that come with it.

What's lovable about the book is the good use of poetic styles like symbolism and personification. Besides, the author has vividly described the events in the story and put them in a logical order hence giving the readers a full imagination and better understanding of the events in the story. The use of flashback and suspense also play a big role in making the book interesting and a page turner. On the other side, what's not likeable about the book is that the turning points for the characters are not thoroughly highlighted as they should.

The author's opinions about sexual abuse are legit as they reveal exactly what happens in the society. Opinions like sexual abuse affects one's personality, esteem and confidence are agreeable. The situation in this book can be related to Danielle Steel's Malice, whicheck also addresses the same and both books agree that sexual abuse is real and should be punished.

I give this book a rating of 3 out of 4 stars since the book is undeniably interesting and it meets most of the readers needs. Unfortunately I would limit the book to adults due to the author's aggressive use of vulgar language and erotic description of sex in the story . It is also didactic making it exceptional and one won't regret sitting down and giving Heartaches some attention :wink:

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Post by nikkyteewhy » 09 Jun 2018, 10:12

Nice review, I don't like the storyline though and I will not be reading it.

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