Review by johappy -- Solaris Seethes (Solaris Saga book 1)

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Latest Review: Solaris Seethes (Solaris Saga book 1) by Janet McNulty
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Review by johappy -- Solaris Seethes (Solaris Saga book 1)

Post by johappy » 06 Feb 2018, 13:28

[Following is a volunteer review of "Solaris Seethes (Solaris Saga book 1)" by Janet McNulty.]
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3 out of 4 stars
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Solaris Seethes by Janet McNulty definitely has the potential to be a thrilling read for anyone with an interest in science fiction, aliens, or space. The story takes us on the journey of a young girl from a distant planet that is kept in balance due to a single crystal. Near the beginning of the story, we learn that the protagonist, Rynah, has just been engaged to her long-term lover, Klanor. Shortly after, Klanor appears and captures the crystal, resulting in the destruction of their home planet. Rynah is able to escape on her grandfather’s ship, Solaris, who we find out has a mind of its own. Ancient myths say that all of the crystals together would create immense power, and Rynah finds herself responsible to keep Klanor from achieving this goal. With the help of Solaris and four unlikely companions, Rynah fights against Klanor and space oddities alike.

This book really contains an exciting story to read. The plot is completely original and unlike anything I have ever read before. There is plenty of action, which I find many stories seem to lack. However, I did feel as if the characters were not well rounded, and while they all had their own distinct personalities, that’s all there was to them. Each character had at least one characteristic about themselves that was blatantly obvious, but it was rare for each of them to show any other characteristic. There was also very little association between the characters, and they did not seem to develop relationships with one another.

The best thing about this book is that it is truly unpredictable. There were so many instances where a plot twist left me with my jaw hanging open—literally. The storyline is exciting and new, and there were so many different ways the story could have gone. I would find myself predicting what would happen, and then it would turn out in a way I never even imagined. I happen to love plot twists because they keep readers interested, and this book offered exactly that.

The thing I did not like about this story was the writing style. The writing felt stiff and awkward. There were many instances where parentheses were used unnecessarily. For example, during the first chapter, it says, “Absentmindedly, Rynah twirled the small (and loose) silver band on her ring finger…” Another example is found in chapter eight: “Rynah found the stairwell (which circled in an angular spiral around the elevator shaft, primarily used by the maintenance staff for emergencies) and headed straight for it.” There are many more instances of this throughout the whole book, so I did not keep track of them all. I do feel as if those extra descriptions could have been integrated more smoothly into the text.

I rate this book 3 out of 4 stars. It definitely deserves more than 2 for the plot; it was well thought-out and stayed consistent and exciting throughout the whole story. The writing style is what is keeping me from giving it 4 stars. The grammar in the book was mostly perfect, except for several unnecessary commas in some descriptions. For example, here is a quote from the first chapter: “Rynah left for the tunnel opening, darting for the metal, spiral steps that led to the crystal.” In this case, it would make more sense to say “the spiral metal steps” without a comma. This is the case throughout the book. Other than those few things pertaining to the writing of the book, the story is very fun and I do think it would be enjoyable to those who like science fiction. If you’re looking for an adventurous romance, this book is not for you. Overall, I definitely enjoyed this story and I do plan to read the sequels as well!

Solaris Seethes (Solaris Saga book 1)
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