Review by Darakhshan Nazir -- Twisted Threads

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Darakhshan Nazir
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Latest Review: "Twisted Threads" by Kaylin McFarren

Review by Darakhshan Nazir -- Twisted Threads

Post by Darakhshan Nazir » 26 Jan 2018, 01:30

[Following is a volunteer review of "Twisted Threads" by Kaylin McFarren.]
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3 out of 4 stars
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A silent being filled with hate,
Crossed oceans in a bitter state.
The only way to find relief?
Destroy the vicious, heartless thief.
Twisted Threads is an erotic mystery that brings the enduring themes of murder, vengeance and family loyalty to the high seas. It is plotted and drawn into figure by Kaylin McFarren. It stands fourth in the Thread series with 42 chapters, each one depicting assassinations, mysteries and fight for love over freedom.

Akira Hamada, a women who has been long lost on a path of assassination, ruthlessness and merciless life, is now known as a trained assassin working for a scandalous Japanese gang led by The Crime Lord ‘Mitsui San’. The bitter sips of her present are actually the result of her cursed past, the past that took her lover away into a dark grave and forced her to become an assassin. All of the blood on her hands, the misery of consuming someone’s life and pushing their relatives through the pain that she once felt is far more worse. In such circumstances, she is provided with a golden ticket of freedom. But that golden ticket, itself, costs lives of a couple. She is assigned with an assignment to investigate and then avenge the murder of Mitsui San’s sister, Keiko. For that, she is sent to a voyage of 10 days, totally unaware of how this voyage is going to turn around her entire life.

On the cruise, Akira meets the nephew of her target, Devon Lyons, and the attraction between them is undeniable. It didn’t take her much time to realize it, and also the consequences tied with it. Apart from that, mysterious killings begin on the cruise. All these events are tied up with each other at some point. In such worse circumstances, what would be Akira’s next step? Will she give up her love for her freedom? Or she is willing to fight for it? More than that, would she be able to spot the killer? To find out the answers to all these questions, you’ll have to grab your own copy of Twisted Threads.

The novel takes off with energetic and boosted scenes of assassination in a ruthless style, that is enough to cause a rush of adrenaline throughout your frame. Moreover, a poem is portrayed on the opening titled as ‘The Death Ship’ that causes more eagerness and haste to unleash the story. I was so overwhelmed by the excitement to get lost in the mystery, just by reading that poem and the beginning scene.

What struck my heart the most about this novel was that it clearly gave the evidence about a theory that has been revolving around from years, that states ‘Even the toughest one can melt with love’. Same happened with Akira. She had lost all the hope along with herself in the darkness. And then, the unexpected happened in an unexpected place, she got caught in love and that revealed her true identity to herself. Moreover, the writer has done an epic job in plotting the story, bringing such suspense and mystery to that plot and never letting that spark escape from the story, which kept me going on for more and more. Furthermore, each character had a spark of suspicion hidden in it which showed that you could trust no one and could expect anyone to be the killer. That was splendid! Apart from that, I loved the irresistible bond formed between Akira and Devon.

Moving to the flawed side of the novel, it had a few grammatical errors to steal away its impression. But the plot had so much more that these grammatical errors didn’t matter much. But, I recommend the author to take this book through editing and proof-reading process once again.

Overall, the plot was appealing and up to par. The plot had mystery, suspense, killings and steamy romance, that no one could have ignored. I would rate it 3 out of 4 as the plot deserves this much of applause. The grammatical errors don’t allow me to rate it more. It is a book for a wide circle of audience as this story has the stamina to find its way to your heart and then spark it with coldblooded murders, boost it with mysteries and then at last, melt it with tempting love. I would definitely recommend it to everyone. Give it a try, you won’t be able to resist it.

Twisted Threads
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ReyvrexQuestor Reyes
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Post by ReyvrexQuestor Reyes » 04 Feb 2018, 20:06

This book, about female ninja assassins, the Yakuza, and the illegal trade, is surely fascinating to read. I have gone through the sample pages and I got ample basis to say that the writing style is smooth and at par with standards. Thanks for your review, my desire for reading the book is now well-reinforced.
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Post by AbbyGNelson » 06 Feb 2018, 12:01

Oooh, sounds like a fun read. It's a shame that the grammar held it back from being 4 stars. I like that it seems like an action filled book that ALSO has romance. That's cool.

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Post by Cotwani » 06 Feb 2018, 15:37

I have enjoyed reading your review. Indeed the book is very engaging.

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Eva Darrington
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Post by Eva Darrington » 12 Feb 2018, 23:07

I really liked reading your review. I have not read the book, but I am intrigued based on your exploration of the themes: love and freedom. It sounds like the book balances masculine and feminine energies - the action/high energy balanced by the romance, and exemplified by the strong contrast between the two main characters. That is what I was envisioning as I read your review. Well done.
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