Review by David_92 -- And Then I Met Margaret by Rob White

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Latest Review: "And Then I Met Margaret" by Rob White

Review by David_92 -- And Then I Met Margaret by Rob White

Post by David_92 » 12 Jan 2018, 06:28

[Following is a volunteer review of "And Then I Met Margaret" by Rob White.]
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3 out of 4 stars
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Book Title: And Then I Met Margaret

By: Rob White (a philosopher, story teller, author, and inspirational speaker) (Learn more at

Publisher: Mind Adventure Press Boston, MA.

Book Type: Autobiography

Number of Pages: 188

Subject: This Book is about how to be extraordinary and think beyond the norms so as to achieve ones full potential in life.

The author is born in a conservative and patriarchal village where everyone is programmed to pass through certain life stages. Male children in this village are supposed to emulate their fathers while females are taught to be submissive. Any decision from a member of this village that goes against the norms is frowned at, scolded and even discouraged by other village members. The author follows his dream of joining college rather than getting a job in one of the two factories and that makes the author to be isolated from his peers. The author further faces more isolation when at college because he feels that he cannot fit in the league of the other colleague students who happen to come from elite families. The author’s journey of aiming to be himself by not conforming to social expectations led him to meet great people who taught him life lessons that are shared across this book. As you read this book you get insightful lessons on business management decisions, career choice, culture and self-discipline which are drawn from the author’s success. I believe that you will enjoy reading this book.

I liked the moral lesson for selflessness that was shown by Aunt Theresa (Author’s Aunt) who had the ill fortune of aging into her thirties unmarried. Worse-off, she was tall and, at first glance, lacked those feminine features accepted by society’s standards thereby being scolded by community members as the old maid. Despite all the scolding towards Aunt Theresa for not being feminine as per the society’s expectations she deliberately makes selfless moves during the regular game sessions that she has with the author (by then the author was still a child ) . Aunt Theresa deliberately and always chose to loose in a game of cards that they played together even though the author was the one who actually lost all the time. In this game of cards called the ‘Old Maid’ whoever lost was scolded by being termed the old maid. In this act selflessness the Aunt Theresa was saved from going through any scolding when they were playing. I liked this scene of the book because it taught me to consider others whenever I make decisions affecting them.

I also liked the suspense that kept me waiting to read about the character called Margret who is mentioned in the book title. As I kept reading the book I kept on learning about exciting characters with great moral stories and this increased my anticipation about the character called Margret and how captivating her story would be. As it turned out Margret came about in the last chapters of the book and her story brought tears to my eyes.
Every time I kept on turning the pages of this book I would think and reflect on my life with the aim of realizing my dreams . This book directed my focus towards being myself in a world that tries to make me someone else because of the cultures, social status and backgrounds that I have been born in.

As much as I enjoyed reading this Book I didn’t like the choice of food that the author preferred because I think it’s unhealthy. For instance: (where I grew up, the favorite afternoon activity was a trip to Vitim’s corner store. Who could resist its lure, what with the abundant supply of candy, snack food, and sugary beverages that adorned the shelves), (After Danny gave a brief kitchen tour, we escorted the kids into the third-floor dining room, where they had a surprise waiting for them: fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies and milk) and (If I had another chance to meet Philippa, I’d apologize and hand her a full box of chocolate cupcakes with squiggly white frosting on top and luscious crème on the inside.).

This book will expose readers to be themselves in a world that tries to make them become who they are not. This book gives insights on how to live an extraordinary life that is full of accomplishments that are self-enriching. This book will help the reader to break the cultural barriers that limit one’s mind. I would recommend this book to a young person that feels they come from a marginalized background, someone that thinks they are unable to fit in the mainstream society, entrepreneurs and business people that want to be exceptional as well as anyone who thinks that life has been unfair to them.

I would give this book a rating of 3 out of 4. Read it to be considerate of others, to explore your capabilities and to question the social constructs.

And Then I Met Margaret
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Post by kdstrack » 18 Feb 2018, 17:02

Thanks for your review. I agree with your comments about Aunt Theresa. She was an early influence in his life. Your comments about the food are very original. Nice job.

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