Review by OMOFAYE Victor -- My Trip To Adele

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Review by OMOFAYE Victor -- My Trip To Adele

Post by OMOFAYE Victor » 11 Sep 2017, 08:27

[Following is a volunteer review of "My Trip To Adele" by R.I.Alyaseer and A. I Alyaseer.]
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3 out of 4 stars
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My Trip to Adele is a fictional romance novel written by A.I. Alyaseer and R.I Alyaseer. This first novel by the Alyaseer duo was published in September 2016. The book is a work of fiction with the following themes, lost love, motherhood, deception, betrayal, family, sense of self and freedom.

The novel centers on the lives of three different individuals in three different cities with all these three distinct individuals being great lovers of Adele’s music. They all seemed to be in a quest to restore happiness once again to their lives and to attend the same event in a beautiful city. Elias one of the three main characters who now lives in Rome pays a visit to his hometown in Morocco in a bid to break the spell he believes separated him from his love Malika, eight years ago. The second main character, Nadia from Jordan, is a single mother who fights to ensure her son’s happiness and security at all times despite the frustrating efforts from her abusive ex-husband. The third main character, Yaser, is a doctor living in Las Vegas who is struggling to breathe under the control of a wife with her strong Islamic beliefs which has resulted in a very serious emotional disconnection between him and his wife. All three characters dream and plan to attend an Adele’s concert with the hope of finding thee solutions to their problems there.

The book has several quotes from different Adele’s singles which are perfectly inserted into several situations in the lives of the three different main characters and this adds a special beauty to this piece of literature. Each quote looked like they were spoken by the characters themselves for they conveyed the exact thoughts, emotions, moods and situations of the different characters at every point in the story.

The book is very real, gives a perfect description of life. We see a divorced mother, Nadia, giving her all to protect the best interest of her son which is very typical of a woman betrayed by love, abused by a man she loved deeply and having just a child to call her own; a woman who having tasted freedom is willing to give it all it would take to maintain and keep enjoying this tasted freedom. We see a man, Elias, travelling through countries in search of a long lost love and also trying to unravel the reason or supposed mystery behind their initial separation. Then, the surgeon, Yaser, whose marriage seems to have moved from a perfect home to a marriage full of lies and deceit, when two individuals with strongly opposing schools of thought are struggling to stay together as a happy couple.

The authors’ thought on the need to give a marriage every possible chance for survival is one I sure agree with. I also agree with the thought of the authors that many seemingly happy marriages are on the verge of collapsing. I do agree with the opinion of the authors that if a couples differences which attracted them to each other are not well managed in marriage, it may be the separating factor between them. I also go with authors’ thought that a woman should never stay in a marriage where being physically abused by her husband is the order of the day.

I rate this book 3 out of 4 stars. It is going to take its readers on an experience that they would surely love and enjoy. It is educative, interesting especially for music lovers and readers of all ages. It shows the reality of life that love stories are not always ‘and they lived happily ever after’. My Trip to Adele would surely be a great treat to lovers of Adele’s music.

My Trip To Adele
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