Review by hmasibo -- That Place of Knowledge

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Latest Review: "That Place of Knowledge" by Philip Alan Shalka

Review by hmasibo -- That Place of Knowledge

Post by hmasibo » 07 Sep 2017, 02:08

[Following is a volunteer review of "That Place of Knowledge" by Philip Alan Shalka.]
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If you have ever thought of finding a place where you can be alone and feel comfortable without thinking about how other people view you,then let us follow an autistic boy who is set to find a place where he can feel comfortable on his own. Him together with his dog,Sabre in That place of knowledge to find out.

The two entered into a swimming pool and through a trap door were led into a secret city into Greek an ancient city. Philip has conversations with Aristotle the world's greatest philosopher. He had more knowledge. Everytime Philip and his assistant went into this city,they still longed to be there always. According to Sabre,Philip was more relaxed here than in his own really world. Philip believes that with knowledge man can be able to solve the many issues surrounding him and thus the world could be a better place to live.

Philip is not able to communicate while in his own world but on entering the secret city where there is knowledge be expresses himself well and shows what he can do better. Despite the verbal communication challenge he believes he can do something. It is here that he finds happiness for himself. The author goes on to show that there were several corridors in the city of knowledge. They meant there was alot to be learnt. For example mathematics and science corridors among others. The author says that he really liked to be in this place of knowledge to learn alot.

I liked the fact that Philip an autistic boy has a positive view for himself. He doesn't allow his state to rule over him. For instance he is so inquisitive when talking to Aristotle to source information . In return he is congratulated by the philosopher for the way he asks questions and his thinking. From the author one is able to learn that every human being is important and has something that he/she can offer the world.

Although the book is very short,takes dialogue format and has long sentences that could have been punctuated with the use of comma for quick readability,it is well written. In my view if the author had no autism he could have given us much to learn about knowledge.

This book is worth reading because it has good information to be known. Any reader who intends to learn something about autism, then this is the book to read. It motivates and builds a positive view about people who have autism.I give it a 3 out of 4 star rating.

That Place of Knowledge
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Latest Review: "That Place of Knowledge" by Philip Alan Shalka

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Post by Doc2 » 15 Oct 2017, 12:27

Nice review.

"In my view if the author had no autism he could have given us much to learn about knowledge."

I disagree with this part. Your statement suggests that he should have focused more on educating us on varying topics. However, I don't think that was his goal. I think the author was focused on capturing the essence of knowledge and why it is important. If his goal had in fact been to provide more actual knowledge to the reader, I am sure he could have. It may have just not been his focus.

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