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Latest Review: "Health Tips, Myths, and Tricks" by Morton E Tavel, MD

Review by Talha Mahmood -- Health Tips, Myths, and Tricks

Post by Talha Mahmood » 05 Sep 2017, 11:42

[Following is a volunteer review of "Health Tips, Myths, and Tricks" by Morton E Tavel, MD.]
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3 out of 4 stars
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Health, tips and myths......
This is a non-fiction book recommended for people very cautious about their health..

Dr. Tavel is a physician specializing in internal medicine and cardiology. Now retired, he managed patients for many years and held a faculty position (clinical professor) at Indiana University School of Medicine, regularly instructing medical trainees at all levels.

While the general public clamours for good, sound medical advice, they often find that advice from companies that sell products on television, or from individuals who promote treatments stemming from self-serving agendas. Information obtained this way is often faulty, unbalanced, and, sadly, blatantly fraudulent. Surrounded by all this noise, mainstream physicians are seldom heard from; moreover, few are willing to devote the time necessary to expose those ubiquitous misconceptions and to provide countering advice stemming from sound scientific research.

Dr.Tavel is a knowledgeable academic and physician. An internist and cardiologist, he is also a clinical professor at Indiana University School of Medicine. He draws a lot not only from his own education and experience, but also from current scientific studies, citing authorities such as the American Heart Association, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), the Mayo Clinic and relevant studies available on PubMed.

Dr.Tavel now steps across those boundaries in his latest hard-hitting work of medically sound advice and insights:

1.Tips about health and wellness that can be incorporated into one's daily life that, hopefully, will create a healthier and longer physical outlook, less waste of money, and maybe even lower body weight (if you are one of those many with excess fat storage).

2. The second section concerns the subject of Myths, that is, common misconceptions about almost anything regarding our physical makeup and how we relate to the world around us.

3. The final section, Tricks, is devoted to various stratagems that are designed to take your money in exchange for useless--or dangerous--Snake Oil products or information.

Despite the division into three sections, there is in fact much overlap, because if one believes many of the myths, this may cause one to forego measures (tips) that may have afforded better health. On the other hand, mythical beliefs may cause us to fall easy prey to those dreaded scams, and the Snake Oil that we all desire to avoid.

Dr. Tavel has drawn from an eclectic collection of material that includes his personal biomedical background, scientific publications, media reports deemed accurate, and many other trustworthy sources from the most reliable, and scientifically documented information.

I usually avoid reading instructional or advisory books, especially when written by people in the medical profession. They tend to be extremely dense and filled with medical jargon that flies over ones head. That isn't true in Health Tips. Dr.Tavel explains things in a straight forward, easily understandable manner and takes the time to explain any scientific terminology that he uses. He also expertly broke the book down into manageable sections through graphs, bolded subsections, bulleted and numerical points, and conclusion sections that summarized a chapter's information. I found it extremely easy to follow and never got lost.

The few that did stick with me are those that I have been curious about for a long time. Things such as coffee not being bad for you but what is bad for your body is the amount of sugar and milk that we add. He specifically mentions a Venti White Chocolate Mocha like he’s taking a dagger and stabbing me in the heart! I only get this drink about once every two months or so, and as a very wonderfully sweet treat, but he wants his readers to know just how much sugar we are ingesting on a daily basis. It’s not good!

In this book he has discussed many subjects. The following is a small sample of these subjects:

1) How to—and not to—lose weight properly

2) Is there any advantage in eating breakfast?

3) What are trans fats and their impact on health?

4) What is the current health status of coffee, tea, and chocolate?

5) What constitutes a healthy diet and how much salt and other minerals should it contain?

6) Helpful tips about pain killers, allergies, and heartburn.

7) What are the scientific facts concerning energy drinks, genetically modified and organic foods, and gluten free diets?

8) How useful are yearly medical check-ups?

9) Should you be drinking bottled or hard water?

10) How badly are big pharmaceutical companies ripping off consumers with their incessant media ads?

11) How accurate are the so-called TV Doctor Shows?

These subjects and many others are included. The tone of the book is at times humorous, which is a welcome change from the usual flat inflection of other works in this genre. While educational, it is also an entertaining read, often making you feel like the author is right there in the room, sharing his insights face to face.

A great addition to the book is the concluding paragraph after each chapter. If the reader is not interested in reading about a particular supplement, medicine or food at this time, he or she could easily read the conclusion without missing otherwise vital information.

As a health conscious person I often read books of this nature, so I do have experience with doctors dispensing their tips on matters of healthy living. I also acknowledge that nobody gets everything right, especially considering that scientific advancements are done almost on a daily basis. What yesterday was hot news today is another myth to be avoided.

Yet Dr. Travel is as close to getting it right as anyone could ever be. His deep knowledge on the topic of health shines through. Any health conscious person should have this book on their bookshelf. I rate this book 3 out of 4 stars.

Health Tips, Myths, and Tricks
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