Review by Mallory Whitaker -- The Expansion

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Re: Review by Mallory Whitaker -- The Expansion

Post by jidereal » 22 Nov 2018, 10:34

The book is a good illustration what is happening in today's world, full or greed and struggle for power.

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Post by kipkirui500 » 22 Nov 2018, 10:35

the author seem to have brought out clearly the relationship between love and business in the making in that Helen seems to be willing to sacrifice all her life in order to make things right for her husband while Edward seems to worry much on his family rather than Rupert's bloody scheme as they call it...on my side the book is worth reading it again and again..

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Post by Scerakor » 22 Nov 2018, 10:37

Political intrigues, power plays, and dynamic characters who are wounded in one way or another describes this book wonderfully and, when I read it, it was those exact characteristics that kept me turning page after page. The corporate espionage and the world of large-scale engineering projects provided a great background for this high-paced thriller.

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Post by Gadasher » 22 Nov 2018, 10:44

Wow.. This review is just awesome, I like it

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Post by unitedvgo » 22 Nov 2018, 10:49

A very thorough and exciting review. Crime thrillers are always edgy if written rightly. Based on this review I might consider reading this book.

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Post by Britty01 » 22 Nov 2018, 10:55

Max Burns, a geomatic engineer, gets an opportunity to work on the expansion of the Panama Canal. He sees this as an exciting opportunity but he may find more than he bargained for as he moves into a world of betrayal, revenge, espionage, and power struggles. Materialism and greed are themes in this story. From the sample and review, it appears to be an interesting read with a complicated plot.

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Post by Hiruni Bhagya 81 » 22 Nov 2018, 10:59

The plot sounds intriguing, but I'm not much of a fan of politics. So I'm not sure whether or not to read it. I might read this book if I don't have anything else to read since I like the plot. Thanks for the great review.

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Post by Catherine Amarachi » 22 Nov 2018, 11:05

Thanks for that amazing review, I love the themes the author had nourished his novel with especially that of politics, betrayals and power struggles. I feel eager to read this crime thriller of a book.

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Post by stacie k » 22 Nov 2018, 11:15

This spy thriller told from multiple points of view depicts the themes of greed, materialism, and power. The dynamic characters are its strength.
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Post by khaira elise » 22 Nov 2018, 11:20

I like this book with its fascinating characters. I am intrigued by the plot and I feel like I want to read this. This is a great review. Thanks

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Post by Sushan » 22 Nov 2018, 11:26

The last book that I reviewed was a political intrigue regarding medical field. So, I am pretty sure that this will be an interesting plot. Congratulations on being BOTD
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Post by melissy370 » 22 Nov 2018, 11:33

Wonderful review. I don't particularly care for the language, so I will pass on this one.

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Post by GroveRidge » 22 Nov 2018, 11:34

The introduction, where the main character's parents commit suicide by crashing a helicopter sets a dark, gloomy mood to the book. I suspect there would be more unhappiness as the story progresses. I do not like to read sad stories, there are already enough discouraging events in life. I think I will pass on this one. It is well-written, but not a book for me. :hand:

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Post by sszb » 22 Nov 2018, 11:48

Crime thriller is not my cup of tea. But the review has made me curious about the plot. I must give it a try.
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Post by OloladeO » 22 Nov 2018, 11:53

It's nice to see that the author put in great efforts into developing the characters. I wonder how the story would pan out for Max Burns. Congrats to the author for writing this great piece and for winning BOTD.

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