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Review by March Reviewer -- That Place of Knowledge

This forum is for volunteer reviews by members of our review team. These reviews are done voluntarily by the reviewers and are published in this forum, separate from the official professional reviews. These reviews are kept separate primarily because the same book may be reviewed by many different reviewers.

Review by March Reviewer -- That Place of Knowledge

Post Number:#1 by March Reviewer
» 08 Aug 2017, 22:20

[Following is a volunteer review of "That Place of Knowledge" by Philip Alan Shalka.]

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3 out of 4 stars
Review by March Reviewer
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This is a philosophical book on how to search for knowledge. It is titled That Place of Knowledge and falls under the category of Other Fiction. It is a short story by Philip Alan Shalka. What makes this work great is the fact that the author is an autistic boy who is only 15 years of age.

The story is told through the eyes of Philip’s guide dog, Sabre. In his quest to seek knowledge Philip and Sabre were magically brought back in time and transported to ancient Greek. There they met Aristotle, the great Greek Philosopher.

The subject matter is rather deep for a 15-year-old. But I love the way Aristotle guides Philip in finding out for himself answers to numerous questions that he had. He teaches Philip to persevere in his quest to gain deeper knowledge of everything around him.

Aristotle encourages Philip to look at every subject matter from numerous angles. He helped him see how two minds can make different conclusion from the same set of circumstances. It is important to look deeper into a matter rather than just see what is on the surface. Seek knowledge and learn more of everything. Learn to improve your thinking skills along the way. Everyone’s perspective is unique.

We need to focus on the bigger questions of life. One of the key messages of this book is we need to learn to appreciate the situation we are in no matter how difficult it is. This book teaches the moral value of diversity and how to appreciate other people who may be different from us.

I would strongly recommend this book for children in their formative years. It can also be used as a reading material in an elementary English language class. This work should be quite an inspiration for children who lack language skills. The story development is well structured and the vocabulary used is simple which makes this work very readable. Grammatically this book is quite easy to follow. There is hardly any spelling mistake. The only spelling error that I found is on page 7, line 14 - “Philip walked into to the city.”

For a person with autism it takes a lot of focus to write a story of 100 words. Philip Alan Shalka managed to write close to 10,000 words. That is an amazing achievement. I rate this book with 3 out of 4 stars. I’m giving it a high rating because of the inspirational effort that I believe has gone in producing this piece of work.

That Place of Knowledge
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Re: Review by March Reviewer -- That Place of Knowledge

Post Number:#2 by Doc2
» 15 Oct 2017, 13:02

Very nice review 'March Reviewer.' I feel as though this would be a great book to use in schools to educate students about people who have differences. If more people can view differences as important, we will have a better world. Differences should not just be tolerated, but embraced.
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Re: Review by March Reviewer -- That Place of Knowledge

Post Number:#3 by Emie Cuevas
» 15 Oct 2017, 21:32

This sounds truly great. I would love to have a mentor like this, though I was thinking Pythagoras would be a better fit for me. I too find it amazing that a fifteen-year-old boy would be able to write a book, I thought most of them couldn't do anything unless the screen beeped at them!
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