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Review by kdstrack -- A Good Boy by Anthony Andre

This forum is for volunteer reviews by members of our review team. These reviews are done voluntarily by the reviewers and are published in this forum, separate from the official professional reviews. These reviews are kept separate primarily because the same book may be reviewed by many different reviewers.

Review by kdstrack -- A Good Boy by Anthony Andre

Post Number:#1 by kdstrack
» 06 Aug 2017, 10:51

[Following is a volunteer review of "A Good Boy" by Anthony Andre.]

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3 out of 4 stars
Review by kdstrack
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A Good Boy
By Anthony Andre

A Good Boy tells the story of Wesley Aames who has accepted the position as pastor of New Covenant Church. Expectations of his abilities are high among the members but his own troubled past makes him doubt his ability to handle the situations and attitudes that arise.

Shortly after Wesley arrives in Asheville, Wesley faces his first dilemma. The suicide of 15 year-old Jamie Lee McFarland and her mother’s subsequent plan to do a reality show lead several members to conclude that the mother’s actions reflect badly on the church. Wesley must choose between protecting the church’s public image and caring for the spiritual needs of the grieving mother.

Wesley soon realizes that as a leader in the community he is under a very public magnifying glass. Many are uncomfortable with his use of curse words and his enjoyment of alcohol.

While Wesley’s faults are being pointed out his efforts to build up the congregation and the community go mostly unnoticed. He makes many contacts with new people by showing kindness and compassion. His actions bring many new people into the church. Twenty-five firemen, a blind musician, and a widow, are among the people who respond to Wesley’s kindness.

In a very interesting way, the author uses the example of a new pastor in an established congregation to illustrate the difficulties that leaders face. Replacing a previous leader means understanding the standards that people have become accustomed to and are reluctant to change. Will Wesley be able to emphasize the good qualities he sees in people and diminish the negative ones while he flounders with his own emotional struggles?

The story is written in a way that holds the reader’s interest, adding new details in a mixture of suspense and humor. The dialogues are very well done and interesting.

I rate this book 3 out of 4. The story presents a wide variety of problems for Wesley to handle that pull the text away from the main storyline. Wesley is overwhelmed with suicide, death, alcoholism, gossip, and gun control in rapid succession. Also, too many new characters were constantly being introduced that detracted from the main story.

I recommend this book to anyone who is in a leadership position. The criticisms that Wesley receives about his lack of experience and attitudes of superiority and opposition are common to all leaders. Wesley’s solutions to these dilemmas are insightful for leaders in any area of work and life.

A Good Boy
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