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Review by Celticlady -- Superhighway 2 by Alex Fayman

This forum is for volunteer reviews by members of our review team. These reviews are done voluntarily by the reviewers and are published in this forum, separate from the official professional reviews. These reviews are kept separate primarily because the same book may be reviewed by many different reviewers.

Review by Celticlady -- Superhighway 2 by Alex Fayman

Post Number:#1 by Celticlady
» 29 Jul 2017, 16:30

[Following is a volunteer review of "Superhighway 2" by Alex Fayman.]

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3 out of 4 stars
Review by Celticlady
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This book was a story about Alex Fine who is a young man of 18 who has lived in an orphanage. He accidentally found out that he has the ability to go to the internet via a computer's power source. With this ability has been able to achieve his dreams but mostly help out others. He accomplishes this by taking money from rich and powerful men who get their wealth by cheating others. Alex uses the money to enable him to live a luxurious lifestyle.

Alex meets the "girl of his dreams" and even at his young age is overpowered for the love that he has for this girl. Of course, he does not tell his girlfriend of his supernatural powers but her father grows suspicious and investigates Alex's background. Soon Alex has the Russian mob after him because, with his abilities, he was able to "take" the money from a Russian mob boss and now the man wants his money back.

I hope that in the next book, Alex is able to reign in his impulses and hormones as that can get him into a lot of trouble. Or, maybe this is a good thing and will move the story along. This story is reminiscent of Robin Hood, take away from the bad and give to the poor. I like the idea as it puts the bad guys in their places.

What I liked about this book was the concept of being able to travel the interwebs. This is a unique topic for a book, but it is also a book that is character driven and the plot flows nicely and is easy to read, some sci-fi books are so bogged down with hard to read ideas which can really turn me off, that is why sci-fi is not a favorite genre. This book though for me was very readable and believable. I loved Alex and was engaged through the whole book.

I enjoyed the writing and the way the author described all of the technical stuff, some I understood, some I did not. I was really skeptical at first on whether I would enjoy the storyline but found once I started, I wanted to finish the story. With Alex going to all different locales around the world, which I found quite intriguing, kept me wanting more. I am looking forward to reading Superhighway 2 maybe because the book's ending was a cliffhanger and I felt that the story's ending definitely left more of the story to be told.

I think the sci-fi/fantasy lover would love reading this book and even, if like me, this is not a favorite genre of mine, I do make exceptions though and I am glad I did with Super Highway. I look forward to reading the next book in the series. I rate this book 3 out of 4 not only because of the subject content but the writing style and characterization of this kind of life.

Superhighway 2
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Celticlady's Latest Review: "Superhighway 2" by Alex Fayman
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