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Review by KasieMiehlke -- Walking In Blind: A Collection...

This forum is for volunteer reviews by members of our review team. These reviews are done voluntarily by the reviewers and are published in this forum, separate from the official professional reviews. These reviews are kept separate primarily because the same book may be reviewed by many different reviewers.

Review by KasieMiehlke -- Walking In Blind: A Collection...

Post Number:#1 by KasieMiehlke
» 02 Jul 2017, 13:54

[Following is a volunteer review of "Walking In Blind: A Collection of Poetry" by Kaviru Gayathri Samarawickrama.]

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4 out of 4 stars
Review by KasieMiehlke
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Emotions play in key role in art. Movies that make you cry are watched over and over. Music that moves you with its lyrics are replayed. Often books are overlooked when it comes to this. Walking In Blind: A Collection of Poetry is an exception. This collection relies on emotions to intensify the reading and it delivers. It is divided into several different sections. While most of these poems are about rejection and heartache, there are some that empower the reader.

The bulk of this collection deals with negative emotions. Some poems deal with physical abuse while others deal with rejection. Mixed in amongst the heartbreak however, there are some poems that prove not all bad things are an ending. The author does a great job at instilling feeling in her works.

There is one poem in Walking In Blind: A Collection of Poetry that really spoke to me. It reminds me that when you lose someone in your life, maybe the reason why is for the better. Now most of these poems I have no experience dealing with. I have never been in most of these situations but the author does a great job at making me feel for the people involved. Kaviru Gayathri Samarawickrama does a fantastic job at making the reader rethink their life, whether for the better or worse.

This book not only deals with emotions, but it also makes you look at today’s society. Young girls are ingrained with the idea that beauty and relationship status makes them valuable. One poem deals with the lengths that women and young girls will go to in order to gain attention. Adults are so focused on making names for themselves that they forget all about who and what helped them get to that point, which is touched on in a poem seen from an elderly woman’s point of view. The sadness felt in these poems also made me feel terrible about the way society is currently and gives me a new resolve to try and change it.

I give Walking In Blind: A Collection of Poetry by Kaviru Gayathri Samarawickrama 4 out of 4 stars. It is a very emotional read that makes you question society’s beliefs. While most of these poems deal with the negative aspects of life, there are some that show happiness and makes the reader want to change not only themselves but also the world. I did notice some minor spelling and grammatical errors however, these did not take away from the overall tone. This is probably the best collection of poetry that I have read in quite a while. I highly recommend it.

Walking In Blind: A Collection of Poetry
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