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Gift Chidex
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Review of McDowell

Post by Gift Chidex »

[Following is a volunteer review of "McDowell" by William H. Coles.]
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4 out of 5 stars
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No matter how a man chooses to live, the best advice he can follow is to avoid making a lot of enemies while doing so. McDowell by William H. Coles is a book written about the life of a man named Hiram. This book practically teaches the reason why a man should live his life without creating enemies, despite ambitions or desires. If you are a lover of books on politics and family life, read this book.

Despite abandoning his friend Woolf to death when they went mountain climbing, Hiram McDowell, who is also a doctor, has the ambition of climbing other mountains as well as becoming the president of the International College of Surgeons. To become president, Hiram had to promise Michael O'Leary a juicy position in exchange for his vote and that of his colleagues. Would Hiram succeed in becoming president? Would he keep to his promise? Would his past haunt him? Find out by reading this book.

One thing I love about this book is that it spans Hiram's personal life. As a father and husband, he did not play his role effectively, as was evident in the lives of his children. This reminded me that as a father and a husband, money is not the only requirement in raising a good, moral family. From this book, I also learned a thing or two about the medical world that is quite relatable. I also learned about the peril of developing enemies on your route to the top from this book.

While reading this book, I never expected it to be this interesting, and I must commend the author for the wonderful job he did in story development and the writing style, which made the book interesting and unique in its own way. Character development, which made it simple to recognize the characters, is another advantageous feature of this book. This book is divided into seventy-two short chapters, and each chapter contains an integral part of the entire story. 

All through this book, I couldn't find any negativity that could make me dislike the book in any way. Though it contains some vulgar words and sexual scenes, which is the reason I would be deducting a star from the rating, I still found the book interesting and appealing to read. Because I found no typos or grammatical problems while reading this book, it must have been extraordinarily well edited.

As a result of the above reasons, I would gladly give this book a rating of four out of five stars and would recommend it to medical students and anyone who is interested in mountain climbing or politics. 

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Nicholas Bush
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Post by Nicholas Bush »

Onemail thing I leaned from this book is that life comes at you with what you did. So it's on best of our interest to live uproght. Nice review, keep up the good work.
Blessing onyiyechi
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Post by Blessing onyiyechi »

McDowell is a man that would have been a better nan had it been he lived the right way. His careless living put his family in harm's way. Nice review.
Pretty Nicholas
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Post by Pretty Nicholas »

I want to commend the author for an amazing job as this. I will however wish to have a copy of this book due to how interesting and mindblowing it is. Great review. Kudos.
Peter Emma
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Post by Peter Emma »

McDowell did a very bad thing by not feeling the promise he made to Michael. And this awakens Micheal's quest for revenge and he sorts out ways to pay him back for this. Nice review.
Christy Zinny
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Post by Christy Zinny »

I wonder what must have inspired or motivated the author to write this book. Also, I will not fail to state that this book is intriguing and suspenseful. It is not boring in any way. Nice review.
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Post by Chikapeter+110 »

This book is a good read with a lot of benefit from it. I commend the author for a job well done. Nice review.
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Post by Oluchi23 »

Nice review, I love every part of this review and would be hoping to read it someday. I must commend the authors ability to produce a well detailed book like this.
Tochukwu Stephen
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Post by Tochukwu Stephen »

This book is well written would love to read it and edit it as well. I'm adding it to my book shelf ASAP. From this review, I was able to learn a thing or two about Islam and terrorism.
Tochukwu Prosper
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Post by Tochukwu Prosper »

This is my kind of book. I love the plot and the fact that it is full of suspense. I also love the fact that it has numerous positive aspects. Great review.
Stella Nicholas
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Post by Stella Nicholas »

It's always nice coming across a powerful review as this. I'm adding it to my bookshelf ASAP for futuristic reading. I would love to commend the author for this wanderful review.
Ejimma Chika Promise
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Post by Ejimma Chika Promise »

I love how interesting this review is. I love how detailed the book is as well. I believe this reviewer deserves accolades for the wanderful job he/she did. Kudos.
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Post by Abiodungift+152 »

The point is that this review caught my mind. I do feel like reading the book right now to get the details. Thanks for a detailed and yet suspenseful review. Great review.
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