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Lisa Park17
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Latest Review: Fear Not, Dream Big, & Execute by Jeff Meyer

Review of Fear Not, Dream Big, & Execute

Post by Lisa Park17 »

[Following is a volunteer review of "Fear Not, Dream Big, & Execute" by Jeff Meyer.]
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No matter how small the dream may seem, everyone has hopes and aspirations that they hope to realize either throughout their lifetime or soon. But everyone has a different method for realizing their dreams. Some people reach theirs simply through prayer, while others do it through perseverance, among other methods. But the greatest method to achieve one's goals is by fusing effort, planning, perseverance, and, most importantly, faith in God and prayer. Fear Not, Dream Big, & Execute is a non-fiction book by Jeff Meyer that ascertains practical and tried-and-true methods for achieving set objectives.

There are two parts to the book. The first portion mainly covered the purpose of dreams and how they work. The second segment described how to pursue your God-given objectives realistically and practically. The book discussed the importance of dreams in everyone's lives and provided the right understanding for achieving one's objectives. Among the numerous life lessons presented here is the significance of staying loyal to oneself and restraining oneself from trying to imitate others because God created each of us uniquely. The importance of variety is thoroughly discussed. You will understand how to pursue your goals after reading this book.

There were several things that I considered to be commendable. The passages referenced frequently throughout the book were ones that Christians would find comforting and encouraging. The scriptures were used in the right context, each of which related to the lesson being conveyed and added to the enjoyment of the book. I enjoyed the author's narration of the stories in the book because they were thrilling and imparted valuable lessons to readers.

The book's objective is clear-cut, which is advantageous. I enjoyed how the two parts of the novel were solely focused on achieving their goals without veering into anything unimportant. The fact that the two pieces could be swiftly coupled together and a clear relationship between them could be established was also comforting. Each lesson can be read according to how the reader feels the book would best handle their particular circumstance, and this aspect of the book was wonderful.

I had no unpleasant experiences while reading the book. It was nicely written, interesting, and uplifting to read. Readers were given useful advice on how to pursue their goals. Additionally, it was expertly edited, as I found no errors. I'll rate it five out of five stars for these reasons.

I recommend this book to Christians and readers who are determined to pursue and realize their goals in a godly way, as well as to readers who want to get over their fear of the unknown. It includes several motivational messages and inspiring tales about dreams and thoughts, making it ideal for fans of inspirational storytelling.

Fear Not, Dream Big, & Execute
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Hazel Mae Bagarinao
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Post by Hazel Mae Bagarinao »

Based on your recommendation, I can say that this kind of book is what I love to read. We have our ways to achieve our goals and dreams but as you said, in a godly way, wow, I agree with that! Wonderful review!
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Post by UcheNduka »

Setting an objective is one thing, achieving it is another.
I'm glad this book enumerated the best ways to achieve your goals and objectives.
I like your well-detailed review.
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Post by DominicSavyo »

One thing I loved reading about this review was how you were able to successfully point out the good and not so good aspects of this book. In all I look forward to reading it for myself. Good job
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Post by Dominico_7 »

Putting fear aside, we could achieve lots of things that we were once afraid of. I've seen this book but not read it yet, but reading this your review has given me ginger, and I look forward to reading it.
Park Cherri
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Post by Park Cherri »

The least difficult part of a dream is setting a plan, the main part is executing it. This is where a lot of people make mistakes because they are crippled by fear. I look forward to reading this.
Nike nikky
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Post by Nike nikky »

This is a very amazing review. I’ve always liked and looked forward to your reviews and this is not an exception. I enjoyed how you write I sequential order and how understanding the review is. I’m definitely reading this book soon. Congrats on your published review.
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Post by olanreworld »

I love a book that provides advice on how people can get to achieve their dreams. We all want to achieve our dreams.,The review was well written and i enjoyed reading it, Nicely written and well ordered
Silvia Idahosa
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Post by Silvia Idahosa »

A lot of people struggle with knowing what they want and knowing how to pursue it. It is always great to come across guides that assist people in this process. Nicely written review. It gave a straightforward idea of what readers should expect from the book.
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Post by Christieee »

The author has a unique way of addressing achieving your dreams and not letting fear derail you. People who need a confidence boost to go after their dreams will definitely appreciate this book the most. Thank you for the detailed review.
praise nwaogazie
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Post by praise nwaogazie »

I admired and appreciated the authors writing style. He passed his message across without the use of ambiguous words but with simple sentences weaved expertly together to make assimilation by readers easy. Your review is replete with lessons to be learned. Well done.
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Post by Tosin-Le »

Most people who fail in life usually do because of fear. They fear to take any step. Successful people usually think big. Well done.
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