Review of The Seventh Spark - Knights of the Trinity

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Latest Review: The Seventh Spark - Knights of the Trinity by J.B. Lion

Review of The Seventh Spark - Knights of the Trinity

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[Following is a volunteer review of "The Seventh Spark - Knights of the Trinity" by J.B. Lion.]
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4 out of 5 stars
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They were referred to as the knights of everlasting order. Twelve knights guarding twelve realms The creator created the first age, which consisted of angels; the second age consisted of aliens; the third age consisted of man an imperfect being with shortcomings. They cherished the gift of free will. They can choose to do good or evil. Determined to save man, they were protected not only by the knight of the everlasting order but also by embedding seven stones into the crust of the twelve planets to represent virtue and goodness. Demons, fallen angels cursed to live eternity in darkness, are determined to bring terror and pain. Artemus, a knight, dies protecting Planet Throat. A meeting is adjourned to honor him. Will the knights keep fighting to protect their designated planets from the rising threat?

The Seventh Spark - Knights of the Trinity by J.B. Lion. follows a unique concept. I found this refreshing. It’s different in both the way it's written and the drawings included. A drawing would come before or after the introduction of a character. This made the book feel real. The book's style and layout were outstanding. The character is conjured up by both the description and the drawings. It’s also a mixture of a comic book, a graphic novel, and a traditional novel. The author's style of writing also happens to be intriguing. With a wide range of vocabulary, the book comes to life.

From the two chapters and prologue presented, the book is captivating. It is mainly plot-driven. By reading the two chapters, curiosity builds on what happens next. I loved the storyline. The thought of evil and good battling a villain whose deeds are misunderstood doesn’t matter since he’s a fallen angel. Mostly, I loved the bickering among the characters. 
The only downside is that the author uses big words. I personally didn’t have a problem getting through it, but it may be an issue for people who don’t have a wide range of vocabulary. This means that not everyone will enjoy reading the book since they’ll have to keep referring to what certain terms mean, making the book less enjoyable. 

The book was exceptionally well edited. I would rate it 4 out of 4 stars and 4 out of 5 stars This is because I was entertained throughout the whole book. Though it may be hard to read for some, I loved the author's style of writing.

I would recommend this book to people who are open-minded and willing to try something new. This is because it has different writing styles. It includes a combination of comics and traditional novels.



The Seventh Spark - Knights of the Trinity
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