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Latest Review: Reconfigurement by E. Alan Fleischauer

Review of Reconfigurement

Post by wmeki510 »

[Following is a volunteer review of "Reconfigurement" by E. Alan Fleischauer.]
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3 out of 4 stars
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Are you retired? Are you planning to retire soon? Do you need help figuring out the best retirement plan, life protection, investment plan, and other related interests suitable for you? Are you stuck at a job you never wanted to stay at? If your answer is yes to any or some of the above questions, I recommend you read the book, Reconfigurement: Reconfiguring Your Life at Any Stage and Planning Ahead, written by E. Alan Fleischauer. I believe it will benefit you immensely and provide you with the solution you seek.

I admire the ideas Alan shared in this book. He aims to change the age-old perception of retirement; that is, of working for retirement and hardly making time to plan for it. He begins by making a case between reality and tradition, challenging the feasibility of the latter. He then proceeds to explore a concept he calls "Reconfigurement financial planning." It may interest you to know that "Reconfigurement financial planning" revolves around planning ahead of time and living life to the fullest in the present.

Readers will come across various striking topics like career assessments, retirement planning, life protection, and health insurance, among others. The author offers his suggestions and useful guides. For example, under retirement planning, the author lists some software that may be of help, like "Envestnet Money Guide™," "eMoney Advisor™," and "Money Tree™." However, he always recommends that readers consult their financial and tax advisors to acquaint themselves with how all these play out in their area of residence.

I liked that the author created a friendly and interactive atmosphere in this book. Nothing was too serious, even when the topics being addressed were very critical. There were a lot of jokes from "" and funny utterances in strategic sections of the book. The author is a professional financial advisor, and I found his ideas and suggestions helpful. I also admired his confidence while addressing the issues raised in this book. I think the technical terms in the book, like actuary, annuities, premium, open architecture, principal, bonds, securities, and indemnity, are an opportunity for word building for those unfamiliar with such terms. 

However, I noticed that the author did not include subtitles in the chapters. Readers will have to figure out what each chapter is talking about as they read on. I think adding subtitles to each chapter in a subsequent publication of this book will make things easier for the readers. Again, I observed that some chapters were not started on a fresh page. I suggest the author get this fixed in a subsequent publication, as that will help improve the outlook of the book. I found some grammar errors in the book. Although I hope the author gets them fixed in a subsequent publication, I have to note that the errors were not disturbing and didn't interfere with my enjoyment of this book.

Considering the positive and negative points I raised in the above paragraph, I rate Reconfigurement: Reconfiguring Your Life at Any Stage and Planning Ahead three out of four stars. While the negative concerns cannot be totally ignored, I can't rate this book anything lower because it is informative, insightful, and entertaining. Reconfigurement: Reconfiguring Your Life at Any Stage and Planning Ahead is recommended for workers between forty and fifty years old. Anybody who desires to "reconfigure" their lives will find the ideas and suggestions in this book highly beneficial.

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Post by AMARA UJU »

Since I am just starting out my life, I think that this book is something that should lookout for. Especially, if we are talking about career assessment and financial investment. Thank you for your review. I am definitely looking towards the day when I shall start reading this book.
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