Review of Red Endures the Test of Time

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Latest Review: Red Endures the Test of Time by Thomas Fullmer

Review of Red Endures the Test of Time

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[Following is a volunteer review of "Red Endures the Test of Time" by Thomas Fullmer.]
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2 out of 4 stars
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On page 2, "Red was an old barn made of oak woods and granite stones." He was built and given the name "Red" by Ned in honor of his beloved wife, Emma. Emma was a pretty woman with flaming red hair, which gave birth to the name "Red." Initially, Red was used to shelter horses. It was a beautiful structure and was greatly admired by all who saw it. Even Ned takes a nap inside it sometimes. Red became old, worn, and lost his allure. He was still sturdy but had been abandoned because they felt he was useless. Red felt depressed and lonely when it was replaced with the "newer steel barns." He became a storehouse for old pieces of machinery and tools, a shelter for wild animals and rodents, and a place where children came to play. Red was determined to protect all who sort for shelter within his stead. A blizzard occurred one night and destroyed some buildings. Was Red among those buildings, or did he endure the test of time? Find out what happened in Red Endures the Taste of Time by Thomas Fullmer.

The book was written in straightforward language. It comprises 45 pages that can be read in a single sitting. The colorful illustrations added to the beauty of the book. The author made use of personification throughout the book. He referred to Red as "He." He attributed human qualities to it. For example, Red felt happy, depressed, and sometimes annoyed. It was fun to read, as I imagined how much of the story could be a reality. Red is more than just a structure. He loved harboring horses and was sad when the steel barns came into vogue. He was completely isolated and left in a dilapidated state.

The people around obviously saw no use for him and contemplated demolishing him. There is a big lesson to learn from the story. Red's determination is admirable. Nothing is entirely useless, no matter how old. Everything and every one has its value.

Unfortunately, there were so many negative aspects to the book. Some of the writing seems to be clustered, making the reading unenjoyable. Some of the illustrations were quite blurry and not so appealing to read. Children might probably not care about this. Due to the color of the background, the letterings were not legible enough. A page was utterly transparent, and the wordings faded into the background. Most of the time, I had to wear my glasses and zoom in to read them, which was quite annoying. I also found some errors.

For the above reasons, I rate the book two out of four stars. I hope the author does the needful. I recommend the book to children between 3-6 years of age. They would be able to appreciate the colorful illustrations. Asides from them, any other reader wouldn't necessarily be impressed.

Red Endures the Test of Time
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