Review of Entanglement - Quantum and Otherwise

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Review of Entanglement - Quantum and Otherwise

Post by RoseAlex »

[Following is a volunteer review of "Entanglement - Quantum and Otherwise" by John K Danenbarger.]
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3 out of 4 stars
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In John Danenbarger's literary crime novel Entanglement Quantum and Otherwise, which spans two generations, Geena receives a letter from a friend informing her that her father has passed away. Geena becomes depressed and starts crying, but not for her father because she previously wished he would pass away. What specifics of the letter were used to elicit this response from Geena? Why does Geena despise her dad? What happened to the mother of Geena? After reading the letter, why does Geena feel like a murderer and believe her brother is a murderer as well? All of these queries are answered gradually during the story. There are five sections in the book. The first portion of the novel begins with a flashback to the year 1984, 60 years before Geena's birth, and the second section of the book continues the story 20 years later. While the fourth portion took place in the year 2020 CE, the third part continued in the years that followed. The author completes the picture of what happened to Geena's parents, Kevin and Beth. The fifth section refers to Geena's receipt of the letter and its contents.

You should take your time reading Entanglement Quantum and Otherwise carefully to avoid missing any important information. The story flowed well, and Danenbarger did a nice job of establishing the backdrop before telling Beth's story. The reader will have no trouble empathising with Beth's struggles because she is a lovable character. Joe, the friend who sent the letter, has a sympathetic and accessible personality. The story had a bit of a strange beginning, but the plot was rather simple. Each individual had a unique tale to tell from their point of view. This section of the story was reasonably engaging.

The novel was enjoyable, although a few sections should have been improved. My first problem was when Geena got the letter from her office at the beginning of the book. Geena needed some more justification for why she believed she was a killer. Even though she didn't know much about Joe, Beth also readily trusted him. At this and other times throughout the book, I thought the tale lacked authenticity. I also found that the characters' behaviour was occasionally inconsistent. One such instance occurred with Beth on the cruise ship, who alternated between acting like an experienced female and a naive girl. The fluctuations in Beth's behaviour occasionally baffled me.

There isn't much that's predictable, formulaic, or straightforward, so careful reading is required. I found minimal errors as it was professionally edited. These were quite small faults; therefore, they did not affect my ranking. Due to the general content flaws, I highlighted in the paragraph above, I deducted one point. As a result, I gave it 3 out of 4 stars.

Readers who appreciate books with family histories and a sense of mystery will enjoy Entanglement Quantum and Otherwise. I suggest this book to people looking for a light read that isn't extremely complicated.

Entanglement - Quantum and Otherwise
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