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Review of Always Before Me

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[Following is a volunteer review of "Always Before Me" by John Servant.]
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Review of Always Before Me
by NovaFaith_15

Always Before Me by John Servant is about mercy and salvation. The story revolves on how Father Paul and Father Anthony have lived their lives even though they were falsely accused and persecuted by the others because they did not covet in the ways of man but in the ways of God. Father Paul the first victim in the story, was doing his custom in the church when a criminal had confessed what they had done. The crime committed by the person who confessed was murder and the only lead and the key that would solve the crime was Father Paul's testimony. As he was a servant of God he only did what the though that is right in the eyes of God and so he refused to cooperate with the authorities. As a result he was put to prison. Even though Father Paul was put to prison he still did what he had to do as a servant of God. He held a mass, confession and let other more prisoners know more about God. Little by little some of the prisoners came to listen to his masses and gradually some of them changed for the better. After being in prison he came to be acquainted to Father Anthony who was also falsely accused of sexually harassing one of his students and that resulted to the ending of his career for teaching.

Father Anthony was in need of consolation as he was lost. He talked to Father Paul about his situation and was consoled. Father Anthony grew closer to Father Paul as he saw that Father Paul was a good and just person. As Father Paul was able to change most of the prisoners to become a better person there was someone who didn't really agree with Father Paul and his teachings called Ramon. His influence as leader would gradually become weaker and he would not be able to make people do violence and his drug dealing would be of no use. He plotted to kill Father Paul and approached Gus who was gradually changing for the better. Ramon tried to keep people under him and tried to do all sorts of ways for people to obey him and not listen to Father Paul's teachings and ways. In the end he succeeded and killed Father Paul. As Father Anthony was doing his work he couldn't help Father Paul, and the people who came to attend to Father Paul's masses didn't bother saving him because they were afraid of Ramon who was behind the killing of Father Paul. The officers and especially the warden whose wife Father Paul helped cure her sickness didn't bother to do anything except one officer. He was the only to tend to Father Paul until he died. Gus whom Ramon ordered to kill Father Paul hanged himself after because of the guilt.

Father Anthony who was falsely accused of being a sexually offender by one his students came to visit her as she was suffering from cancer. When he visited her, she saw how she suffered and ask for his forgiveness but Father Anthony had already forgiven her a long time ago. Father Anthony prayed for her and his prayers were answered and she was healed. Then suddenly Father Anthony had gotten a cancer, just like the cancer of the woman who accused him of being a sexual harasser. He Gradually became not able to speak and he died after the surgery a week later. As Father Anthony saw how good a person Father Paul was he was helping a lost person. He was Mathew Ryan. He was devastated when Father Anthony had gotten cancer. As Father Anthony died he thought that there was no one who could continue the works of Father Paul and Father Anthony and so he asked Father Richard who was a friend of both Father Paul and Father Anthony why there was so much evil and God is not doing anything. Father Richard answered by saying "God had sent us".

Though the novel was short you can really learn a lot of things from it. The ways of man cannot be compared to the ways of God you must not think of it logically because God's ways exceeds what man thinks and it exceeds it. Though there will a lot of times where you will be tempted to acquire such worldly powers and use whatever means you can to be successful and succeed on acquiring it. This novel is recommended to all people especially Christians. As they would really love the story. I rate this story 4 out 4 as I had a great time reading it and you can really feel the moral of the story.

Always Before Me
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