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Review of Always Before Me

Post by Taisol10 »

[Following is a volunteer review of "Always Before Me" by John Servant.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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Woven around religion and what it takes to be a true Christian, Always Before Me by John Servant is an intriguing fictional novel that tells mainly of the life of Father Paul, a Catholic priest. as narrated by father Richard Turner. Father Paul is found in an unpleasant situation with the law because of his obedience to God which does not align with men and is considered to be an enemy of justice. With his refusal to yield to the pressure of the world and betrayal by one whom he saved, he is convicted and put in prison. Forgotten by his colleagues, rejected by his friends and denied the privilege to say mass, father Paul finds himself in a situation where most people would feel hopeless, dejected and depressed. However, Father Paul's faith in God only grows stronger as he lives in constant prayer. The prisoners begin to see Father Paul as a holy and righteous man, and just as Joseph found favour in the prison, father Paul also finds favour in the eyes of the prison warden. Having been a part of a major testimony of the warden, Father Paul is finally allowed to say mass. Through this medium, Father Paul reaches out to his fellow convicts who feel hopeless and rejected by society. From saying mass to hearing confessions, Father Paul finds purpose once again.

It is commonly said that one cannot live without enemies, despite the many who respect and look to Father Paul, some wish for his downfall. Ramon is a gang leader who dominates through drugs and violence. Afraid that Father Paul would turn the prisoners away from him, plots Father Paul's downfall but does he succeed? In the midst of these, Father Paul experiences when he loses a loved one and finds a friend in Gus, a fellow prisoner. They say a Christian's life is never and Father Paul's life shows just that. Father Paul's strong faith during persecution encourages Father Anthony to do the same as it were a contagious spirit brought in by Father Paul.

I enjoyed reading Always Before Me and I found it to be enlightening. Father Paul's character as a priest is fascinating. From his obedience and faith to his humility and dedication, Father Paul's life characterized the persecutions faced by Christians in these present times and how to overcome them. I enjoyed reading Father Paul's teachings during mass and the manner with which he spoke to those around. His humility and dedication were captivating. I like the author's choice of words and the Bible references which captured pressing issues in many lives. The writer was able to pass across a significant message on Faith in God as a Christian. The book is also well edited.

Although interesting, the story wasn't fascinating right from the start and I lost interest but I later found it to be captivating along the way. The introduction was a bit confusing. John Daly who meets Father Richard when he comes for his inheritance is said to be curious and asks about Father Anthony's story. However, when Father Richard settles to give him the answers, we are told that he is 'fidgeting' in his seat because he is only interested in getting his inheritance and not being preached to despite being the one who asked for the story. This is a bit confusing John's latter action seems to contrast with the former.

I would rate this book 4 out of 4 stars because the story was fascinating and enlightening. Although I encountered a few confusing moments because of the complex sentences, I was still able to understand the message being passed across. Asides from this, the book is an amazing novel and I applaud the writer for a job well done.

I recommend this book for readers who are interested in religious literature, specifically on Christianity, and what it entails to be a Christian; especially Catholic. I would also encourage those in need of encouragement or upliftment to read this book because of the words and Bible verses cited. I would advise those easily disturbed by sad stories not to go for this book as it is quite tragic and can make some get sympathetic.

Always Before Me
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Post by Goody2004 »

This book might be of help to Christians who need to strengthen their faith like Father Paul held on to his faith even in trials. Your review is a job well done.
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Post by LegendNath »

A faith based book that wonderfully marries faith, humility and perseverance to bring out true religion; a true example for real life Christians.
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Post by Ems100 »

Father Paul was indeed resilient.
I believe there are lessons christians can learn from this book.
Nice review.
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Post by IniOluwa N »

Life is not without its ups and downs, we just have to find solace in the fact that difficult times will pass and good times will soon come. Well done.
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Post by Ariella dazzle »

I love how strong their faith was, even with facing situations like being in prison, their faith was still strengthened. It is very inspiring.
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Post by Juliette1812 »

A book that preaches about faith? My type.
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Post by Mileylex112 »

Wow, a great review. In this world, we would face tribulation but we should have faith and be courageous because we definitely will overcome. Thanks
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Post by nc_gretel »

Wow, this book is a must read for me. I love your review
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Post by Themmie10 »

The book is suitable for Christians and people wanting to build their faith. Though, this is not my type of book but great review!
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Post by Unsullied »

This book sounds interesting and insightful. I'd like to know more about the life of Father Paul. Thanks for the detailed review.
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Post by Regard003 »

I've read this book. Father Paul was a true man of God and more. Christianity isn't easy, his tribulation was y funny but he remained faithful. Great review
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Post by Ritanuncia1 »

A very interesting review. I will like to check this out this book. Nice work!
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Post by bhattuc »

I have gone through the book and found the story line very interesting and solid in its foundation. There are many things that we learn from this book especially the relationship between law and religion. The review is well made, thanks.
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Post by Christabel18+ »

A book to help believers strengthen their faith. I'm quite interested.
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