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Asiaa Szn
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Review of My Trip To Adele

Post by Asiaa Szn »

[Following is a volunteer review of "My Trip To Adele" by R.I.Alyaseer and A. I Alyaseer.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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My trip to Adele is a romantic novel authored by two siblings, R.I. Alyaseer and A.I. Alyaseer. This book was inspired by the authors' love for Adele and her album, "25." The book was written after they went to her concert in Verona, Italy. This book was self-published and translated to English, as their previous books, written in Arabic, were rejected by a traditional publisher.

This book is about three different people in different countries who share a common love for Adele, regardless of their problems in life. First is Elias, who was still disturbed about his lost love, Malika, whom he left in Marrakesh, Morocco eight years ago; although he left her, she never left his mind. The second story centers on Yaser who lives in Vegas with his family. Yaser has a rocky marriage with Mariam, whom he married because of her faith, although he is an atheist. The third story takes us to Nadia, a 32-year-old divorcee who would do anything to be free from a patriarchal society and make her son happy. Nadia has a 10-year-old son she plans to take to Verona for Adele's live concert. Did Elias rekindle his love with Malika? Can Yaser strengthen his faith and stabilize his marriage with Mariam? Will Nadia break from the manacles of her ex-husband and society's opinion? Read this book, to find answers to these questions.

The authors' writing was phenomenal; they painted a vivid picture of the scenery and the actions happening, making me feel present in the story, especially in the description of Rome and the city-feel of Vegas. I love how the authors introduced different characters in different dimensions, and I love that excerpts of Adele's lyrics were included in the story. Another thing I find enticing about this book is how the characters cope with their challenges in life through the help of Adele's music. This book has introduced me to a lot of Adele's songs, and I enjoy listening to them.

I noticed a grammatical error, but it wasn't distracting, and I suppose it happened during the translation of the book. That aside, this book was exceptionally edited. When I first started reading this book, I had a difficult time understanding some of the scenery. However, I read on and got hooked from the third chapter.

My Trip to Adele is an amazing book that I'll rate 4 out of 4 stars. I enjoyed every part of this story, so it deserves a perfect rating. I highly recommend this book to every fiction reader, especially romance lovers.

My Trip To Adele
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Post by AfraBrb »

Adele has the power to influence people's lives with her voice. Great review
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Post by CleverSpider001 »

Adele is a phenomenal singer. Her music is amazing and touches the heart. I would love to read this book. Thanks for the awesome review.
Amiczy Magnus
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Post by Amiczy Magnus »

I’ll love to know more about Nadia’s story. I love Adele and also want to read this book because she inspired it! Thank you for your review.
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Post by MsH2k »

Music is a powerful means to bring people together, and Adele’s music is awesome. Thank you for your thorough review!
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Julius James 1
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Post by Julius James 1 »

The book seems interesting with music included. I love romantic novels and i would like to read such. Nice review!
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Raymond N
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Post by Raymond N »

Seems like an interesting read. I like that this is a combined effort from two siblings. It just has a great vibe to it. Thank you for your review.
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Post by NwakorVian »

This is a really interesting review. I wonder how Yaser could get married because of faith when he's an atheist. It would definitely shake him. Nice review
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diana lowery
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Post by diana lowery »

I have trouble with one language, I can't imagine trying to publish in more than one. The fact that there was only one grammar error in the English version is amazing.
C Janet
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Post by C Janet »

It's interesting just where one can get inspiration from, yes? Adele's music is beautiful, and music do speak to the heart. Great review!
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Sia P
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Post by Sia P »

Wow, this is perhaps the first time I've come across a book created after being inspired by a musician. Adele is, without a doubt, a brilliant and inspiring role model. I enjoyed reading your review. Thanks for the same.:))
Walter R
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Post by Walter R »

Adele's songs and influence have never been in doubt and this book is a product of such. Great review here.
Raymonda Dazzy
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Post by Raymonda Dazzy »

Songs are food of the soul is a quote that will be forever correct. A story that introduces readers to different songs from Adele sounds mind lifting. Thanks for the great review.
Darlington O
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Post by Darlington O »

As a person who enjoys reading romance fiction books, I am really interested to read this particular book. Great to see that you enjoyed reading it. Thank you.
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Post by Amynwankwo_ »

Wow! Three people connected by a common music interest? That’s new! I wonder how their stories evolve and if they all overcome their challenges. It’s interesting to note that music is such a universal binding force. Thanks for a great review !
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