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Latest Review: Money Faucet by Joe Calderwood

Review of Money Faucet

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[Following is a volunteer review of "Money Faucet" by Joe Calderwood.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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Money Faucet by Joe Calderwood is the Book 2 in the Clint Kennedy series. It is a enthralling story of an ex-convict who found himself working for a dangerous drug lord. Clint Kennedy, a criminal living the good life has accepted all the negatives that come from his chosen field of business, as long as the money keeps coming in, he really does not mind.

Clint's supposedly short trip away from Mexico his home base to attend to family urgent calls soon becomes a compulsive holiday for him  in Miami. His boss, the drug lord Pablo Navarro, has instructed him to stay action until he is advised otherwise. Clint would soon find out the reason for this sudden change in plans, a drug war has broken out amongst cartels. Pablo did not want his invaluable hands Clint caught in the middle as many cartel leaders were causalities already. What does this entail for Clint? Has he become a target due to his interactions with dangerous people? And Pablo? Could he be the one who orchestrated the war? Or his life is on the line as well?

Miami comes with its attendant troubles for Clint. He becomes responsible for a dying man and his big estate. He also has to plan an exclusive extravagant wake for his former employee and face blackmail by a dirty lawyer. Again, Clint has to face his hateful stepbrother is committed to destroying Clint and the family business, after embezzling funds from the family bank. At this point, all Clint wants is to go back home to Mexico, albeit in one piece. The unfolding story is captivating.

The book has a number of positives for me. The character development was exceptionally crafted with intricate personalities whose obvious intentions made quite relatable. For example, Clint Kennedy came off as an interesting character in the book. Generally, he is easy-going and likeable but has very questionable moral standings. He is seen to help out with nefarious activities, and benefit from such activities too. He also possesses a selfish disposition, as he does not care about lives being lost in his line of business, provided he is not directly affected. Clint Kennedy is also a reliable friend, a dependable brother, and a good son. An addition to his character build-up is his cool relationship with his surrogate parents, and his philanthropic benevolence. Also, the narrative of the story is suspenseful, fast paced, and filled with excitingly startling twists and turns. This is sure to keep the reader attention glued to the pages. The book contained minimal errors, it is professionally edited.

However, the use of lengthy sentences caused a little confusion while reading. Also there is a little bit use of strong words as the book’s theme is crime, drug and other illegal activities; this may make the book unsuitable for people of impressionable age.

I rate the book 4 out of 4. I did not give a lower rating because despite the theme of the book, the book did not contain depiction of extreme violence, and the quality of the story kept a high standard.

I recommend this book to readers who love fast paced crime thrillers.

Money Faucet
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