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Amanda I
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Latest Review: Brand Real by Vasken Kalayjian

Review of Brand Real

Post by Amanda I »

[Following is a volunteer review of "Brand Real" by Vasken Kalayjian.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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Inspirational and motivational books have never been my cup of tea. I felt they never really added much to the knowledge I already have. However, this notion changed when I came across Brand Real, a motivational book that highlights what every entrepreneur beginning their journey into the business world faces.

Brand Real by Vasken Kalayjian is an information-packed book that seeks to enlighten businesspeople on the rudiments of business setup. The author uses this book to educate individuals on what branding means; he highlights the importance of branding to every business. In this book, the author speaks on the benefits of having and creating an authentic brand for every business.

As the book progresses, he highlights other essential issues like choosing a good name for a business. This can seem arduous, especially in a niche where making a name for a new business is quite tricky. The author also talks about unforeseen events and how to handle them. Any businessperson curious to know how to navigate the business world should not hesitate to read this book.

The positive aspects of this book are numerous. The author's detailed analysis of a new business is unmatched. The author made use of simple diction, which helped me understand the book better. He also explained the steps any new business should take, for instance, branding, naming, seeking financial funding, and so on. The book was very educative because it explored different aspects of branding a business that I learned about while reading the book. We are made to understand that we cannot predict the outcome of any business; however, the author provides steps to take when unpredictable circumstances come up. The author also added words that would aid anyone new to the business world. I could not find any errors in this book, which is a plus; this book is exceptionally well edited.

The only negative aspect of this book is its length. Although the author had relevant information he needed to pass across, I feel he could have conveyed these pieces of information in fewer words. I noticed that the author would stress a point repeatedly. Although this may have been because he wanted to lay emphasis, however, I think this did the opposite and would affect readers who do not maintain focus easily.

I rate this book four out of four stars. I did not rate this book lower because the negative aspect I mentioned did not affect the wonderful experience I had while reading this book. I recommend this book to business owners and people who would love to learn more about branding their business. Anyone looking for a motivational book that is related to business and branding would also enjoy this book.

Brand Real
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Nonso Ok
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Post by Nonso Ok »

As a person interested in business, I think this is the right book for me. Thank you for recommending.
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Post by markodim721 »

I think it is good that the author writes about the benefits of authentic brand from his own experience. Thanks for the good review.
Chiwelite O
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Latest Review: Corridors of Red by Gary A James

Post by Chiwelite O »

Branding is always a very tactical part of business. Would love to check this book out to learn more about branding. Thank you for your amazing review.
Favour AN
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Post by Favour AN »

If only I came across this book before starting my business. Well, I guess it's not late to start again. Thank you.
Obioma CM
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Post by Obioma CM »

I enjoyed reading this amazing book. Vasken did an awesome job for start up entrepreneurs, very detailed book.
Precious DA
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Post by Precious DA »

The author should consider making the book a little bit shorter. I may not keep up with a book that is too long. Great review.
Oluoma C
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Post by Oluoma C »

Aside the book being too long,could make one loose interest. It's a very helpful book. Amazing review.
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Saint Bruno
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Post by Saint Bruno »

Having been in sales, I know how important branding is in business. I am sure I'd find the book educative. Thanks for the detailed review and recommendation.
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Mindful Wordsmith
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Post by Mindful Wordsmith »

I love reading books that explain the fundamentals and can be applied in real life. This book sounds like something that will be of immense help to established and upcoming entrepreneurs.
Thanks for this informative and amazing review. :tiphat:
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