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Latest Review: Radioland by m.e. Elzey

Review of Radioland

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[Following is a volunteer review of "Radioland" by m.e. Elzey.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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Radioland is a fictional book by M.E. Elzey. It is an enjoyable social novel that explains the consequences of conservative media. The book explains in detail how society works. It opens your eyes to happenings in the world of law, politics, racism, religion, and culture. The book revolves around a 79-year-old lawyer, Harry Chelber, and his long-time 89 years old assistant Mariam Katz.

They were bent on holding the propagandist[Cal Brown] guilty for inspiring the murderer of Harry's son and daughter-in-law. Mariam as a child experienced Hitler's war and was convinced that the same events that brought war to Germany are the same being played out by a radio show in the USA. After several failed attempts to get justice in the court of law, they finally got the opportunity in the Morton v. New Signal News lawsuit (New signal news is the media company that broadcasts the Cal Brown Show). This was possible with the help of Andy Cole the brain behind the Cal Brown show and billionaire Jack Austin Jnr. who chose to be anonymous. Harry knew the case will be a long shot, but He didn't know that the level of extremism in U.S. politics is so deep. The Vital information and financial support he got gave him all he needed to go up against some powerful people, including the billionaire Hailey Austin (The Junior brother of the anonymous billionaire)—who built an international corporate empire out of his father’s company and Cal Brown himself, a bombastic radio host who rose from humble origins to the top of the Chicago radio world. He later conquered America with a TV show aimed at people who feel the country’s conservative values are in danger.

I enjoyed every minute spent on the book, there is nothing for me to hate about Radioland. Although at the beginning of the book I got a bit confused and found it difficult to follow the flow of the story. But, when I gave the book full attention and dig deeper, I was able to connect the dots and flowed with the book. Radioland has great and mature humor, and at the same time gets almost every reader emotional. For example, the way Mariam died made me sad and at the same time smile. It is not possible to read Radioland with a straight face, the way it keeps you glued is so amazing. It is a book a lot of readers will get attached to as they read because M.E. Elzey throws in a lot of mystery, the finishing is one you wouldn’t expect which keeps you glued till the end.

Radioland contains a good amount of vulgar language. Although I am a reader who does not mind that type of language, also in the book cause, I noticed that M.E. Elzey was using the vulgar language as a perfect elaboration of feelings of characters in different situations, with that said I believe Radioland is for a certain audience that can accept and understand that factor. On this note I recommend this book for persons who are not sensitive to violence, vulgar language, and a lot of 18 years and above people. Students of law, Political sciences, Human right activist, and all concerned citizens of the world are advised to read this book. It is safe to say that the author’s skill of description is so good that some violent situations may be too graphic for the sensitive audience.

I rate this book 4 out of 4 stars for me there was nothing to dislike about the book. Although the book had few errors, it was exceptionally edited. I, appreciate the way the writer was able to concisely explain how the rich use the poor to amaze wealth, given them the impression that they are doing them good. It gives us the clue into how people are being manipulated to the detriments of their life, for the personal gains of the manipulators. This book is a good one for all as it will leave you with a whole different perspective of certain aspects of life and how you view them. Indeed, we live in a world where mankind is so unkind to man

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