Review of The Beginning of the End - It Starts

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Review of The Beginning of the End - It Starts

Post by MrunalT »

[Following is a volunteer review of "The Beginning of the End - It Starts" by John K. Williamson.]
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2 out of 4 stars
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Nuclear war is brewing. World War III is imminent. Civilization throughout the planet is crumbling. Life will never be the same as we know it now. Sitting in a prison cell, Marvino Buck and John Hill are oblivious to the carnage that has ensued outside. On her guard duty, Janay Williamson gets a panic call from her mother asking her to return home at once. Henry Haynes, a doctor in the middle of his shift, finds the hospital suddenly deserted, and there is only one patient left who instantly becomes his responsibility. To survive, everyone is left with two simple choices: kill or die. With all of humanity running a risk of getting wiped off the planet, will this bunch survive to live another day? The Beginning of the End- It starts by John K. Williamson is an apocalyptic fantasy that investigates entertainingly the dangers that loom over our planet.

In this book, Williamson argues that we are mere spectators to our world’s actions and its directions. Governments and those in power make the rules, and we simply live by them. The big players make the choices, even those about wars. A single wrong choice could lead us all into disaster. In today’s world, if a major war breaks up, it would likely be a nuclear war. And then what would happen to this planet? This question is relevant, but the book does little to answer it.

Theoretically, the idea of the book is nice. But content-wise, the story simply fails. There is no research applied. Even though this book is meant only for entertainment purposes, it makes no sense to assume every country in the world has nuclear weapons. The story could have been more relatable if the author had extrapolated his imagination based on the current nuclear situation. The only references the author makes are about the Vietnam and Iraq wars, and the nuclear abilities of the US, Russia, and China.

After reading the summary of the book, I was aware there was going to be a lot of violence involved. But I was not prepared for what I read. The author has taken the violence to a new level, describing with explicit details all the gruesome murders and even cannibalism. There is an endless string of profanities. Sex scenes are graphically described. This book is definitely not for sensitive readers.

I was numb for a while after I finished reading the book. I wouldn’t say I did not agree with the author’s imagined state of our planet which a nuclear war will leave us into. I just felt that amidst all the drama and exaggerations, the book lacked any intelligence. The topic of nuclear warfare should be handled with sensitivity and all due seriousness. Maybe other readers would find the book entertaining, but it wasn’t the book I liked reading.

The book is also riddled with grammatical errors, so it definitely needs another round of thorough editing. Considering my above reservations about the book, I would rate the book 2 out of 4 stars. I would recommend this book only to readers who do not mind reading excessive violence. The book ends on a cliffhanger, but I am not looking forward to the next book in the series.

The Beginning of the End - It Starts
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Post by Brandy_Nyongesa »

Violence and nuclear war is not something I would want to read. Great review though.
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