Review by Ahbed Nadir -- Wilderness Cry

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Ahbed Nadir
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Review by Ahbed Nadir -- Wilderness Cry

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[Following is a volunteer review of "Wilderness Cry" by Hilary L Hunt M.D..]
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3 out of 4 stars
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i]Wilderness Cry[/i] by Hilary L. Hunt M.D. is a consolidation of a singular man's ponderings and research into the diverse views, inconsistencies, and contradictions of the Bible and Christianity that have led to discord, confusions, and oppression of ignorant masses over time. It's a concise, detailed explanation of various approaches, methodologies, and beliefs of Christianity, all broken down in a simple and easily understandable form.

The author, Hilary L. Hunt M.D., a devout Catholic, began to notice discrepancies in the teachings of his church and principles laid down in the Bible and other texts, which started to cause doubts in his faith. In addition, he had problems with his marriage, his family, and his children. All the while, his church still counseled him to follow religion in a way that worsened and aggravated the situation. This prompted him to start to question the laid down instructions and beliefs that had been imprinted in him from his very youth. So he took it into his own hands to painstakingly scour the Bible and, with the application of scientific reasoning and experiments, analyze and reconcile the Bible's teachings with the teachings of his church. After tiring research and inquiries into the history of Christianity, his efforts culminated in the form of this exceptionally written book that reconciled the teachings of both the Old and New Testament and served to answer any question or doubts believers may have about their faith. This is Wilderness Cry by Hilary L. Hunt M.D.

In this fascinating novel, Hilary Hunt has demonstrated his estimable writing skills, dedication, and persistence in pursuing knowledge and information. I was a bit skeptical at first as I had yet to have the pleasure of reading one of his books, and this was my introduction to him as an author. Suffice to say; he did not disappoint. I just recently finished reading The Biblical Clock, a book of research into the timeline of Christianity and the world. As such, when I saw this, I was very excited to read it. Hilary spoke on various controversial topics and subjects, waxing poetic on the oppressive teachings and restrictions of the Catholic Church and the misinterpretations of the biblical text and their application in modern-day life. He talks about how the rules and policies of Christianity have changed drastically from its inception to the present day due to the advancement of society as a whole and the evolution of man. I liked the section discussing the various discrepancies present in different books and how sin has been over-simplified today to a harsh no-nonsense mentality. It was all explained in simple, easy-to-understand layman terms that drew the reader in and made the text entertaining and easy to follow.

I didn't like that the author failed to add a little more depth to some of the topics he presented. In some cases, he simply gave the subject and the evidence supporting the claim, with biblical proofs and more. While this was very efficient, I felt he could have fleshed it out more with more insight into the matter. This, however, was the only discernible flaw with this work. The text was professionally edited, and I found no errors, grammatical or otherwise.

I would rate Wilderness Cry by Hilary L. Hunt M.D. 3 out of 4 stars. While it was very engaging and educative, I didn't like the lack of depth in some areas. Nevertheless, I would recommend this book to anyone interested in insight into the Bible and its applications in modern-day Christianity.

Wilderness Cry
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There are a lot of misconception in christainity this days. I think this book will educate Christians in the right relationship with God. Thanks for the beautiful review.
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