Review by Kennedy NC -- Final Diagnosis by J. T. Madicus

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Kennedy NC
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Review by Kennedy NC -- Final Diagnosis by J. T. Madicus

Post by Kennedy NC »

[Following is a volunteer review of "Final Diagnosis" by J. T. Madicus.]
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3 out of 4 stars
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I have always been intrigued by medical thrillers. I did not think that the life of doctors could be adventurous. I always thought that their routines were fixed, rigid, monotonous, and boring. Hence, I get excited when I come across any medical thriller.

Final Diagnosis: No Second Chances was written by J. T. Madicus. It consisted of fourteen chapters, accompanied by Gabriel Rodak's illustrations at the beginning of every chapter. It explored the life of a certain paralytic doctor, Doctor Tseng, who was addicted to opiates and alcohol.

As the plot progressed, Doctor Tseng found himself trapped in a dark room. He was trapped along with one woman and two men, who all had medical training. Their names are Liz, Chris, and Greg. To earn their freedom, they must work together to diagnose the patient presented to them by their abductor. Not only this, they learn later that they will have to make a series of other diagnoses on different patients to earn their freedom. Were they successful? Did they finally earn their freedom? Find out by reading this engaging medical thriller.

This book has a lot of positive aspects. Firstly, all the characters were dynamic, and all possessed distinct traits. This difference in personality allowed for realistic interactions among the characters. Also, the book was laced with dark humor and sarcasm that made reading it enjoyable and worthwhile.

Besides the points mentioned above, I was also exposed to many medical terms like "prognosis," "brucella," "thalassemia," "hyperthyroidism," and many others. I was pleased to discover the meaning of these medical terms. Also, the length of the book ensured that the interest of the reader was not lost. The illustrations at the beginning of the book also contributed to my pleasure while reading the book. Such illustrations made it easy for me to picture the characters in the book.

However, the book had a few negative aspects as well. The development of the plot was a bit confusing. For example, I was constantly aware of an important event that took place in Prague, Czech Republic. However, this event or mission was not disclosed throughout the book. I also found grammatical errors in this book. Therefore, it was not professionally edited. Hence, I rate this book 3 out of 4 stars.

I did not give this book a lower rating since the negative aspects stated above did not take away my overall pleasure while I read the book. I recommend this book to medical students all over the world. Anyone who loves medical thrillers will also enjoy reading this book.

Final Diagnosis
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Joy Phill
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Post by Joy Phill »

The plot is unique and interesting. Thanks for a straight-forward review.
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Post by Slater678 »

I am curious to read this medical thriller based on your review. Thanks for the great review.
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Post by Dimi1 »

It's always bad when cliffhangers are left and at the end you realise that they are forgotten by the author. Thanks for an honest and interesting review!
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Post by kdstrack »

Medical thrillers intrigue me. The idea of diagnosing a patient while being kidnapped would be terrifying! The author was wise to include some humor to keep the story from becoming too dark. Thanks for this intriguing recommendation.
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Marcel Cantu
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Post by Marcel Cantu »

It is interesting that this is a medical thriller. Thank you for your in-depth review.
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John Owen
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Post by John Owen »

I also read this book and it was amazing. Tseng was all too amazing and nasty as the same well, and was able to think out of the box unlike the others. Nice review.
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Post by Mwatu »

A medical thriller is certainly an interesting narrative to experience. The plot line sounds quite enjoyable as evidenced by the errors not taking away from your enjoyment of the book. Hopefully, those get sorted out. Thanks for a lovely review!
GoodLuck ES
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Post by GoodLuck ES »

I find medical thrillers really fascinating because it introduces me to a world I'm intrigued about but have no knowledge of its procedures. The process of diagnosis is one I will like to know about. So yeah, I will definitely check out the book.

Great review.
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Post by TheMazeRunner »

Doesn't seem like a read for me. Great work!
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Post by Hhannahh »

Medical thriller or not, I can say that the life of medical personnels are far from boring. I've started this book, and I enjoyed the bit that I read.
Thank you for this interesting review.
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Post by Raluca_Mihaila »

I love this book very much, and I can't wait to discover the next adventures in the series! Great review!
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