Review by Pluma -- Money Faucet by Joe Calderwood

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Latest Review: Money Faucet by Joe Calderwood

Review by Pluma -- Money Faucet by Joe Calderwood

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[Following is a volunteer review of "Money Faucet" by Joe Calderwood.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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Money Faucet by Joe Calderwood is the second book in the Clint Kennedy Crime series. It follows the character of Clint, a criminal with a good heart and (mostly) good intentions. The book is narrated mostly from his point of view in the first person, with a few third-person chapters focused on other characters involved with the storyline.

Clint is involved with the drug trade in Mexico, a very lucrative business; he’s doing well for himself, and happy in the profit and adrenaline his line of work provides, when a few unexpected events shake up his comfortable world. When family matters call him back to the States and to his adopted family, the Cohens, for a couple of weeks, he becomes alarmed to hear of successful police raids over the border and the mysterious deaths of some of his associates. Things escalate in Mexico as Clint is detained further at home by the death of a friend, and as he grows more concerned about the developments, he begins for the first time to question his life choices. Just as he is seriously considering extricating himself from the business, something happens that might cement him in forever. Will the law catch up to him, or will he be forced deeper into this trade than he ever wanted to go?

You don’t have to read the first book in the series to enjoy this one, though it may make some events easier to follow. The storyline was interesting and engaging, keeping the reader engrossed in the fates of Clint and his family and friends. Clint’s character instantly captures and holds your attention, as you can tell he’s not just your run-of-the-mill protagonist. His narration style allows you a glimpse into his mind, and you see that, although he is a criminal, he has morals and a conscience; he’s not the average person who does bad things for bad reasons, and his moral and mental complexity is part of what makes him such an intriguing character. The other characters in the book are also unique, interesting and well-developed, and the characterisation was my favourite element of the book. On top of this, the book was well-edited; I only found one error, and that a minor one.

There were a few things in this book that I didn’t like as much. Sometimes the narration style was excessively descriptive, with too many adjectives that cluttered up the sentence and interfered with the flow of the reading. The plot also got a little confusing in places, making it hard to keep track of who was who and what was happening when, but this mostly cleared up as the book progressed. Another issue I had was that on a few occasions, some of the characters’ reactions seemed a bit unrealistic or unnatural to the situations they found themselves in. Also, the layout of the book could have been better, with each new chapter starting on the new page and the headings being a little more consistent (as sometimes the font was a different size or colour on some chapters than others).

None of these issues was too major or interfered too much with the reading experience, so I wouldn’t deduct any stars off the book’s rating for them. Therefore, I give this book a rating of four out of four stars.

The book contains quite a bit of swearing and some blood and gore as well, so don’t read it if that kind of thing puts you off. I recommend this book for fans of crime and mystery stories and those who are interested in more complex and morally grey characters.

Money Faucet
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