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Latest Review: Perfection and Other Illusive Things by J Mercer

Review by Samwisekoop -- Perfection and Other Illusive T...

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[Following is a volunteer review of "Perfection and Other Illusive Things" by J Mercer.]
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2 out of 4 stars
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When the aspiration to be "perfect" becomes your top priority, it takes a toll. However, what about the wish to be imperfect? How does that affect one's life? Also, who dictates the definition of perfect and imperfect? Oneself or society?

When Eden Calloway wakes up one morning with the "essence of perfection" filling her from her smaller feet to her thicker hair, she decides to become a different person, a "better" person. Little does she know what her wish will cause her future.

Perfection and Other Illusive Things by J. Mercer was an interesting book. Its peculiar, yet highly insightful title was the first thing that drew me in. I was eager to see how J. Mercer would fulfill the title through the characters and their storyline.

"Perfect" is how I would describe J. Mercer's ability to develop character. I found all her characters to be deeply thought-out and realistic. From Eden to Reese, the characters were enjoyable. None of the characters were inconsistent, overdone, or wooden. They all displayed the right amounts of emotion at just the right time. J. Mercer also weaved in characters who greatly complemented each other. Tense, moody Eden was perfectly complemented by her chill, romantic, and serious boyfriend. Statistic Billie and influential Isaac seemed to bring out each other's most intelligent self whenever needed. This isn't to mention all the other characters who were the perfect hindrance to the rest. These characters were meant to poke, prod, and tease the character's demons from within them; which they did remarkably well. It was well-written and highly enjoyable.

Aside from this, the rest of the story was simply mediocre. I was hoping for a more in-depth conclusion about the illusion of perfection. However, it did not provide me with one. Rather than making a point and teaching Eden a huge lesson, the book merely rambled about feminism via Billie, described Eden's crush on Hawk, and displayed Eden's wish to be more "imperfect". Although Eden did learn not to keep secrets from her mother, this is not what the title or original synopsis alluded to. I was greatly disappointed in this aspect of the book.

Other than these two points, one greatly positive and the other greatly negative, there isn't much more to review. This was a normal teen drama. Understanding this, there are several instances of foul language, a party containing intoxicated teens, and references to having sex. However, the latter is not explicitly described. I'd rate this book 2 out of 4 stars for its mediocrity. Although, this book was perfectly edited to my eye. I'd recommend it to teens who are looking for an enjoyable, light read. Thank you for reading my review. God bless!

Perfection and Other Illusive Things
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