Review by Orizon -- First Love by Momi Robins

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Review by Orizon -- First Love by Momi Robins

Post by Orizon »

[Following is a volunteer review of "First Love" by Momi Robins.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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When love is skewed from a painful experience, it might not achieve its purpose. First Love by Momi Robins-Makaila is the first book in the series, The Love of a Good Woman. This novel tells a real story of struggle, strength, and gratefulness.

Paige, a young struggling Christian woman from an abusive home, had experiences that filled her mind with fear, hatred, and indecisiveness. She was in love with two men, Lance Bishop and Jason Beckett, and one of them seemed to love her more but was late in professing his love for her. She started a relationship with Jason and got pregnant. Jason accepted the responsibility of the pregnancy and married her. However, Jason had a heart attack resulting in intracerebral Hemorrhagic Stroke (an Aneurysm), among other tragedies that occurred in Paige's life. She became devastated and lonely, and two years after, she tried getting in touch with Lance Bishop, her first love. But was she the same person that Lance Bishop once loved? Is there a second chance in true love? Read this novel to discover.

Unlike most novels today, First Love has a pro-life standard. Everything flows together nicely, it is easy to understand Paige and her life, and the hypothetical picture that life gives us second chances is impressive. Also, the book highlighted the importance of social media, religion, personal journals, and records.

Everything about this book is topnotch; the apt writing, the use of new vocabulary, and the excellent portrayal of characters are fantastic. Also, the book has an unpredictable ending that I love immensely. Also, I appreciate how teens' true nature was explored in Paige's character. This will help in connecting with Christian teenage readers. My favorite part of the book revolves around Paige's regular use of the book of Psalms and the "10QJZS" (Thank You Jesus). As a Christian, I can relate to these passages and the importance of the Cross.

Some of the things I least love about First Love are the unnecessary vulgar words used and the ending part of Isabel’s character that was not clear. Also, there were inadequate history settings; for example, there was no year, month stipulated, or proper geographical narration in the storyline.

Although I found a few errors that do not distract my reading experience, the book was professionally edited. Therefore, I rate First Love 4 out of 4 stars. For those who enjoy Christian memoirs, you will love this book. Also, readers that are battling with emotional traumas and rejections may find comfort in this book.

First Love
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Post by UncleP »

I patiently read this review and never wanted it to come to an end. I would perhaps add this book to my bookshelf. What an interesting review and this wouldn't have been possible if the novel wasn't interesting and mind captivating. Thanks for the review

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Post by Bukola02 »

Amazing review. It’s been a while I read a Christian memoir. I would definitely check this book out.

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Post by Cazrichmond »

I read and enjoyed this book too. I found the plot really interesting with many unexpected twists and turns. I was also very pleasantly surprised by the ending. Thank you for a great review.

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Post by maxiphemmax »

I love book on love, and the one that give small resemblance of a true story. Good job on the review. Would try check this out.

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Post by eternity84 »

Interesting novel with a well articulated review. Keep it up

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Post by Veraok »

I think my love for chrismas memoir , would make me want to read this book. Well written review.

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Post by 1femi1 »

Love cover a multitude of evil so says the good book. Paige love for two men might be the beginning of her woes. We must be assured we truly love before accepting marriage proposal.

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Post by lavenderbooks20 »

I have read this book and what I have found the most interesting was the true meaning of First Love. Great review!

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Post by Ivy-g »

This book is gonna be a blast. The review was so looking like I was reading the main book.. Keep up the writings.

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