Review by Sunnybydesign -- The Sins of a Master Race

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Latest Review: The Sins of a Master Race by Matthew Tysz

Review by Sunnybydesign -- The Sins of a Master Race

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[Following is a volunteer review of "The Sins of a Master Race" by Matthew Tysz.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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This is the third of a series called The Turn which is based on the misadventures of two friends in a post-apocalyptic period. It discusses the transitioning from a world very similar to ours into another infused with superhuman beings, non-human races and the cataclysmic powers they hold that are enough to alter our reality as we know it.

This book in particular starts out with Scholar and Ashley having formed an elite league of assassins. Scholar seems to be doing quite well in the business as he is a very skilled assassin himself and is also quite a competent leader. He however isn’t very good at interpersonal relationships and despite how much he cares for his friend Ashley, who just went through a traumatic ordeal, he does not know how to be there for his friend. He tries to do everything he feels will help Ashley, such as getting him a therapist and giving him some space.

Ashley is the more spirited and mischievous of the pair. He’s wild, entertaining and humorous and is always the heart of the party, or in this case, many a party. In this period however, his spirits are slightly dampened as he recently experienced a harrowing ordeal that left him troubled and depressed. He tries his best to cope with it but feels like his friend Scholar has distanced himself, which he wishes wasn’t so as he highly values his company and the comfort his presence affords him. However, despite this rocky patch, the two always have each other’s backs.

Scholar and Ashley are a formidable pair. They face all the obstacles they come across together and always come out victorious. Their ordeals are famed so much so even these supernatural beings with superhuman powers grow fearful and wary of them, with good reason. The two manage to do things other men cannot even fathom and always wind up saving the day, even though sometimes it costs them greatly.

I love the writing style Matthew Tysz employs. He explains every detail so graphically you could almost see it. He also manages to get into the mind of the characters and give details other authors often ignore or find unnecessary but which make the character more relatable as their train of thought feels familiar with your own. He also incorporates humor beautifully and manages to get a laugh out of the reader quite often. He is able to make you understand what each character is going through and enables you to empathize with them, even the antagonists. I enjoyed this read as the author keeps you at the edge of your seat all through the book.

However, I felt like the character Scholar is a bit overpowered. He is painted as being very intelligent and highly intuitive but some of his deductions feel like grasping at straws. For example, I felt he was too quick to figure out the weaknesses of the all-powerful god, Marat. The god had been built up and feared even by the strongest of beings, but in his presence, Scholar never even flinched before trying to kill him. Also the language used is in some cases a bit profane, and so is some of the content.

I highly enjoyed The Turn: The Sins of a Master Race and I do feel it deserves a perfect rating of 4 out of 4 stars. My issues with the book are more a matter of opinion and did not compromise the quality of the story. It was also very well edited as I barely found any errors. This book is for you if you enjoy a good fictional, SciFi, dystopian or post apocalyptic story. However, I would not recommend it for younger audiences as its content is a bit profane and violent.

The Sins of a Master Race
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