Review by rahilshajahan -- We are Voulhire: The Flesh of...

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Latest Review: We are Voulhire: The Flesh of the Mind by Matthew Tysz

Review by rahilshajahan -- We are Voulhire: The Flesh of...

Post by rahilshajahan »

[Following is a volunteer review of "We are Voulhire: The Flesh of the Mind" by Matthew Tysz.]
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And my boy Folcro is back! I have to start like this because I was missing him so much. There is so much happening in this book that the cliffhanger in the last installment is justified. So, welcome to my review of the sixth installment of the We are Voulhire Series, The Flesh of the Mind, written by Matthew Tysz.

Right off the bat, we are introduced to Lady Angela of Cridaea. Remember the Riva Rohavi? They came to terrorize the town of Cridaea only to be stopped by their very skilled archers who were captained by Lady Angela. After Meldorath's disappearance into Caromentis, the Emperor of Lullabies didn't waste any time at invading Voulhire. His humongous teleporting black ships hover over all of the major cities and towns of Voulhire. His inhuman shadow-like minions reached the city of Souhire, claiming a peaceful takeover of Voulhire. Being the badass he is, King Nartik stabs the shadow in the face and declares war on the emperor. Lady Angela also receives the takeover message of the emperor through his shadow ambassadors. Much to her criticality and wonder, she doesn't believe any of the words uttered by these faceless shadows. She travels to the city of Ballerhal to set some barricades up and find some allies to face the emperor's invasion, incase it turns violent.

Where is Galen, Demi, and Rowan? Our beloved trio has broken up. Galen is floating in the magical land of Caromentis, hoping to find Meldorath, who Galen believes is the one guy who might have a chance against the emperor. Feeling that the only safe spot is Diamora, Demi and Rowan head to the heart of the Dire Vine Jungle. Diamora is the secret academy of the Mianoran Knights, where the once chancellor of Voulhire, Midius Maido, thrives. Maido requested Demi's help for tutoring the young knights at Diamora, so that one day he may claim back his position at the Mianoran Council. Demi and Rowan think Galen is dead. Akistry prophesized the coming of a witch to battle Demi in the previous installment of the series. Who is this witch? Who are the allies Lady Angela might find? Are they the same? Will Galen bring Meldorath back to save Voulhire? Read the book to find out.

To all those who criticized the series for its lack of female characters, behold yet another strong one. Lady Angela of Cridaea is the sister of Rowan. Rowan's archery skills are the efforts of his enigmatic sister Angela. Being the captain of the archers at Cridaea and having married the mayor's son, she holds a powerful position in the council of the town. It's her critical thinking and brave action that saved her city from the Riva Rohavi. I also liked the arrival of Folcro as late as it may seem. He entered at the right moment wielding the right powers to impress any of the worrywarts such as myself. I commend Tysz on his ability to find the most opportune entry moment for Folcro. His storytelling abilities are top-notch in this installment as well, bringing the highlight of the book towards the end.

Considering the aforementioned points, I would rate the book four out of four stars. There was nothing to dislike in the book. The book was professionally edited. I found one minor typo which didn't hinder my reading experience. There is the presence of mild sexual content in one of the chapters. There is also a fair share of gore and profanity. I would suggest children stay away from this book. I recommend this book to all thriller-fantasy fanatics out there.

We are Voulhire: The Flesh of the Mind
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Adanna Inya
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Post by Adanna Inya »

Wow! The book is on it's 6th installment already! I love this series but stopped at the second installment. Will pick off from where I stopped. Beautiful review.

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Post by kandscreeley »

I've read Matthew Tysz before; it was a bit too all over the place for me. However, it wasn't this series. I've read so many good reviews of this series that I am beginning to wonder if I need to try him again. Thanks!
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Post by Saint Bruno »

Nice to see perfect ratings for this installment too. I've only read the first one. Thanks for your wonderful review and recommendations.

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Post by Ellylion »

Come on, you like Folcro? lol The final twist got me very intrigued. Also, hopefully the Voulhirians noticed that Meldorath became a god or something like this. :) Thanks for a great review!

P. S.
Angela is my favorite girl so far. :)

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Post by RHD »

I'm glad Matthew found Lady Angela on this one. We are Voulhire: Someone Else's End only had Sophie Shore and Beth who didn't develop at all. Thanks for the review.

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Sou Hi
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Post by Sou Hi »

Hey, I noticed that as soon as Galen disappears from the Cosmos, Voulhire's casualty rate drops significantly: no massacres, no large-scale attacks which will end with their loss, no deaths of important people. Is this a coincidence?

By the way, you see how badass Folcro is now :wink2:?

Chigo Nwagboso
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Post by Chigo Nwagboso »

I love this well detailed and insightful review. I need to start from the first series to be able to follow up. great review.

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aby johnson
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Post by aby johnson »

Your review writing style is splendid and i loved it. Hope to read this series one day. I love thrillers and Fantasy. Keep dropping awesome reviewes man. You are truly inspiring.
Smile, for better days are yet to come :D

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Post by Dominik_G »

I haven't read the series yet but your enthusiastic review just made me want to pick up the first book. Thank you!

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Post by Viczboy16 »

I love the series and I just reviewed this book. You can check it out. I love the vivid description of caromentis which is a world of one’s mind, hence the title “ the flesh of the mind.”

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Post by Tonika632 »

I have read the first 3 books of this series and this part seems promising, just like I expected it.

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diana lowery
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Post by diana lowery »

Your enthusiasm for this book is jumping off the screen. Even though I don't enjoy this genre, I did enjoy reading your review.

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Post by Honest-reviewer »

I’m currently reading this book. It’s sad to know that the trio broke up. This is getting more interesting.. I want to finish reading this soon. Thanks for your wonderful review!

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Maria Esposito
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Post by Maria Esposito »

Your enthusiasm for this series really shined through your review! Great job, I'm sure the author will appreciate your positive remarks.
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