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Review by Clorinda Donovan -- Creating Literary Stories:...

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[Following is a volunteer review of "Creating Literary Stories: A Fiction Writer's Guide" by William H. Coles.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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Creating Literary Stories: A Fiction Writer's Guide by William H. Coles is a handbook for fictional literary writing. The book has examples of how to write effectively. How to describe character feelings without being cliche; how to emphasize situations and the results thereof. All aspiring novice and accomplished writers can learn some fantastic pointers from the book.

I thought this book was fun to read, and the reason I chose it was to find out what writers feel as they write. I felt like the author was speaking to me and teaching me how to write a fictional story. It was well written and wonderfully edited. The writer addresses many issues in fictional stories, and how to correct them, moreover how to write fiction more effectively. After reading mundane text and the same text written in a more engaging style, I was able to detect what William Coles was showing the reader. His comparisons were eye-opening and spot on!

Creating Literary Stories: A Fiction Writer's Guide is separated into two books with a combined seventeen chapters that explain the many variations of fictional literature. It was easy to understand because all the chapters were describing specific topics and how writers should address them as well. The author explained which "point of view" (POV) was the most effective to use when writing fiction. I found myself smiling at the author's recommendation to write in the third person as the best course for writers. He has given examples of how to characterize the people in a story. I completely agree with all of his recommendations.

For anyone getting fumbled on how to formulate dialogue, characterization, in scene descriptions, finding your own voice, and so much more this is a book to treasure. Here is an excerpt from the story that I thought was so simple yet quite on point. "Feelings in a story can be told. "He was angry with her." Although necessary at times, this lacks energy and taxes reader interest. ("Angry" is abstract.) Although it is much more strenuous to write and takes up more storytime, authors can show feeling far more effectively through action and dialogue: "'You are the worst, most degenerate liar I've ever known,' he shouted." This shows anger ("shouted") and hints at a morality issue via concrete words such as "degenerate" and "liar." "

There was nothing I did not like about this book, and it was interesting to read. William H. Coles has broken up what may seem complicated to novice authors into piecemeal chapters, and easy to understand guidelines. These chapters have concise information that is on point and topic.

I do not think that anyone would dislike this book because it is a writer's guide. If you do not want to read about how you should write a great story, do not read the book. The book is suitable for all ages.

William H. Coles is a Pulitzer prize winner, and he has won numerous awards for his writing. I feel unqualified to rate his writing; nonetheless, I rate this book at 4 out of 4 stars.

Creating Literary Stories: A Fiction Writer's Guide
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